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German biologist, explorer, and founder of micropaleontology (the study of fossil microorganisms). He received his MD from the Univ. of Berlin. The only survivor of a scientific expedition to the Middle East (1820-25), he identified and classified land and marine plants, animals, and microorganisms collected on that and other expeditions. He proved that fungi come from spores and demonstrated the sexual reproduction of molds and mushrooms. He was the first to study coral in detail, and he identified planktonic microorganisms as the cause of phosphorescence in the sea. He advanced the view (opposed by F. Dujardin) that all animals, incl. the tiniest, possess complete organ systems. Arguing that a single "ideal type" may be applied to all animals, he worked toward a comprehensive system of classification.

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n : Russian novelist (1891-1967) [syn: {Ilya Ehrenberg}, {Ilya
Grigorievich Ehrenberg}]