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From Inter: term » eins og||like|lang=is + Inter: term » alþjóð||the whole population of a nation|lang=is + Inter: term » veit||knows|lang=is, the third person singular of Inter: term » vita||to know|lang=is. Literally meaning "like the whole country knows".


eins og alþjóð veit
  • Inter: simile » lang=is as everybody knows, as is common knowledge, a hyperbolic statement insinuating the prominence or obviousness of a specific fact
  • : En þú ert, eins og alþjóð veit, feitur og heimskur.
  • :: But you are as everybody knows, fat and stupid.
  • : Eins og alþjóð veit er ég alltaf svangur um hádegi, enda borða ég aldrei morgunmat.
  • :: It's common knowlegde that I'm always hungry around noon since I never eat breakfast.
  • Inter: webofscience » 1258|Er mjólk holl?|Is milk good for you?
  • : Einnig innihalda margar mjólkurvörur viðbættan sykur, en eins og alþjóð veit er sá bragðgóði orkugjafi óæskilegur.
  • :: Many dairy products also include added sugar but as everybody knows, that tasty source of energy is undesirable as is common knowledge.


    *Inter: sense » as everybody knows eins og kunnugt er, það er alkunna

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    Translation: is » eins og alþjóð veit