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Eridanus \E*rid"a*nus\, n. [L., fr. Gr. ?, the Greek name of the
River Po.] (Anat.)
A long, winding constellation extending southward from Taurus
and containing the bright star Achernar.

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n : a constellation in the southern hemisphere near Fornax and

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Inter: wikipedi » a


From Inter: etyl » la Inter: term » Eridanus|lang=la, from Inter: etyl » grc Inter: term » Ἠριδανός|lang=grc.

Proper noun

Inter: en-proper nou » n
  • Inter: constellatio » n A large winter constellation of the northern sky. It lies near Orion and Cetus.
    1. Inter: Greek mytholog » y A mythical river of northern Europe, rich in amber.

      Derived terms

      * Eridani


      Inter: trans-top » constellation

  • French: Éridan
  • German: Inter: t- » de|Eridanus
  • Greek: Inter: t+ » el|Ηριδανός|m

  • Inter: trans-mi » d
    • Malay: Inter: t- » ms|Sungai
    • Russian: Эридан
    • Spanish: Inter: t- » es|Eridanus
    • Turkish: Inter: t- » tr|Eridanus, Inter: t+ » tr|Irmak

    Inter: trans-botto » m


    * denarius


    Proper noun

    Inter: nl-proper noun » g=m
  • Inter: constellation » lang=nl Eridanus

  • Finnish

    Proper noun

    Inter: fi-proper nou » n
  • Inter: Greek mythology » lang=fi The Eridanus river.
    1. Inter: constellation » lang=fi The constellation Eridanus.


      Inter: fi-decl-seos » Eridanu|nopl=1


    Proper noun

    Inter: la-proper noun » Ēridanus|Eridani|Ēridanī|m|second
  • Inter: Greek mythology » lang=la The river Po (mythical and poetical).
    1. Inter: constellation » lang=la The constellation Eridanus.


      Inter: la-decl-2nd-loc » Eridan|Ēridan

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