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Eruca \E*ru"ca\, n.; pl. {Eruc[ae]}. [L., a caterpillar, also, a
sort of colewort.] (Zo["o]l.)
An insect in the larval state; a caterpillar; a larva.

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n : annual to perennial herbs of the Mediterranean region [syn:
{genus Eruca}]

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Inter: etyl » la Inter: len » a, a caterpillar; also, a sort of colewort.


Inter: en-noun » erucae
  • Inter: zoolog » y An insect in the larval state; a caterpillar; a larva.

  • Inter: Webster 191 » 3



    Without cognates. Inter: unk. » title=Etymology unknown.|lang=laInter: R:Nocentini » hw=eruca
    Latin Inter: term » eruca|erūca|lang=la and its variant Inter: term » uruca|urūca|lang=la denote the plant and the caterpillar.Inter: attention » la|Should that be `...uruca each denote both the plant and...` for clarity? In such cases, usually the animal name is primary and has been extended to the plant (so the rocket can be interpreted as “caterpillar plant”).Inter: R:Nocentini » hw=eruca


    * Inter: a » Classical Inter: IPA » /eːˈruː.ka/|lang=la


    Inter: la-noun » ērūca|erucae|ērūcae|f|first
  • caterpillar
    1. colewort, rocket


      Inter: la-decl-1st » eruc|ērūc


      Inter: top » 2

  • Catalan: Inter: l » ca|eruga|gloss=caterpillar, Inter: l » ca|ruca|gloss=rocket
  • Italian: Inter: l » it|eruca|gloss=caterpillar, Inter: l » it|ruca|gloss=rocket, Inter: l » it|ruga, Inter: l » it|ruchetta|gloss=rocket, Inter: l » it|rucola|gloss=rocket
  • Occitan: Inter: l » oc|eruga

  • Inter: mid » 2
    • Sardinian: Inter: l » sc|ruga
    • Spanish: Inter: l » es|oruga
    • Translingual: Inter: l » mul|Eruca

    Inter: botto » m

    See also

    * Inter: l » la|bruchus|brūchus


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