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Fitting \Fit"ting\, a.
Fit; appropriate; suitable; proper. -- {Fit"ting*ly}, adv. --
{Fit"ting*ness}, n. --Jer. Taylor.

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n : the condition of being suitable; "they had to prove their
fitness for the position" [syn: {fitness}] [ant: {unfitness}]

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Inter: suffix » fitting|ness


Inter: en-noun » -
  • The state or condition of being fitting; suitability.
    1. Inter: quote-news » year=2007|date=March 14|author=|title=It’s Not Up to the Killer (1 Letter)|work=New York Times|url=

    |passage=He may neither judge the fittingness of society’s death sentence nor dictate our actions — even to express his remorse, however heartfelt.
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