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c.1370, probably from O.Fr. *fixer, from fixe "fixed," from L. fixus, pp. of figere "to fix, fasten." Earliest Eng. usage was to "fix" one's eyes or mind on something; sense of "fasten, attach" is c.1400; that of "settle, assign" is pre-1500 and evolved into "adjust, arrange" (1663), then "repair" (1737). Sense of "tamper with" (a fight, a jury, etc.) is 1790. As euphemism for "castrate a pet" it dates from 1930. The noun meaning "a position from which it is difficult to move" is first recorded 1816, Amer.Eng., from the verb. Meaning "dose of narcotic" is from 1934, originally fix-up, which dates from 1867 in ref. to liquor. Fixture "anything fixed or securely fastened" is from 1812. ///