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1538, a contemptuous echoic construction. ///

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1538 as noun, 1660 as verb. By reduplication. Perhaps from a dialectical word or Scandinavian; compare Old Norse Inter: term » flim||lampoon, mockery|lang=non.Inter: R:Online Etymology Dictionar » y


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  • Inter: IPA » /ˈflɪmflæm/


    Inter: en-noun » head=flim-flam (Not recorded with this spelling in major dictionaries; usually spelled flimflam.)

  • Misinformation; bunkum; false information presented as true.
    1. : Most reports of supernatural occurrences turn out to be flim-flam when carefully investigated.
    2. confidence game, con game
    3. Inter: archai » c table tennis

      Derived terms

      * flim-flam man: Confidence trickster

  • flam


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  • Flimflam / Claptrap, The Word Detective, 2009–04–13

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