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1702, perhaps a metathesis of film "gauzy covering." ///

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adj [Date: 1700-1800; Origin: Probably from FILM1 'very thin layer']//
1 flimsy cloth or clothing is light and thin: --a flimsy cotton dress//
2 something that is flimsy is not strong or well-made, and will break easily: --a flimsy wooden building//
3 a flimsy agreement is weak and can easily be damaged or broken: --a flimsy alliance between the two tribal groups//
4 a flimsy argument or excuse does not seem very likely and people do not believe it: → convincing// --The evidence against him is extremely flimsy .// --a flimsy excuse // -- flimsily adv // -- flimsiness n [U] //

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159 Moby Thesaurus words for "flimsy":
adulterated, airy, asinine, attenuate, attenuated, boyish,
breakable, brittle, brittle as glass, catchpenny, cheap-jack,
cobwebby, crackable, crisp, crispy, crumbly, crushable, cut,
dainty, decrepit, delicate, delicately weak, diaphanous,
dilapidated, dilute, diluted, effeminate, empty, ethereal, fatuous,
feeble, filmy, fine, fine-drawn, finespun, fissile, flabby,
flaccid, floppy, foolish, fracturable, fragile, frail, frangible,
friable, fribble, fribbling, frivolous, frothy, futile, gaseous,
gauzy, gimcrack, gimcracky, girlish, gossamer, gossamery, gracile,
idle, implausible, improbable, inadequate, inane, inconceivable,
inconclusive, incredible, infirm, insubstantial, jerry,
jerry-built, lacerable, lacy, lax, light, lightweight, limp, loose,
makeshift, misty, namby-pamby, nugacious, nugatory, otiose, paltry,
papery, pasteboardy, poor, puny, ramshackle, rare, rarefied,
relaxed, rickety, rubbery, scissile, shaky, shallow, shatterable,
shattery, sheer, shivery, silly, sissified, sleazy, slender,
slenderish, slight, slight-made, slim, slimmish, slinky, small,
splintery, subtile, subtle, superficial, svelte, sylphlike, tacky,
tenuous, thin, thin-bodied, thin-set, thin-spun, thinned,
thinned-out, thinnish, threadlike, transparent, trifling, trite,
trivial, unbelievable, uncompact, uncompressed, unconvincing,
unproved, unrigorous, unsatisfactory, unsound, unsubstantial,
unsustained, vacuous, vague, vain, vapid, vaporous, vulnerable,
wasp-waisted, watered, watered-down, watery, weak, weakly, willowy,
windy, wiredrawn, wispy, womanish

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[ADJ] (Weakness): weak, feeble, impotent, relaxed, unnerved, sapless, powerless, weakly, flaccid, nervous, soft, effeminate, frail, fragile, flimsy, unsubstantial, insubstantial, rickety, creaky, creaking, tottering, broken, lame, withered, shattered.

[ADJ] (Rarity): rare, subtile, thin, fine, tenuous, compressible, flimsy, slight, light, spongy, rarefied, unsubstantial.

[ADJ] (Softness): soft, tender, supple, pliant, pliable, flexible, lithe, limber, plastic, malleable, extensile, yielding, flabby, limp, flimsy, doughy, spongy, flaccid.

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adjective (flimsier, flimsiest)
1 badly made and not strong enough for the purpose for which it is used:
a flimsy bridge / table
2 (of material) thin and easily torn:
a flimsy piece of paper / fabric / plastic
3 difficult to believe:
a flimsy excuse / explanation * The evidence against him is pretty flimsy. * He keeps calling on the flimsiest of pretexts.
flimsily adverb
flimsiness noun [U]

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Flimsy \Flim"sy\, a. [Compar. {Flimsier}; superl. {Flimsiest}.]
[Cf. W. llymsi naked, bare, empty, sluggish, spiritless. Cf.
Weak; feeble; limp; slight; vain; without strength or
solidity; of loose and unsubstantial structure; without
reason or plausibility; as, a flimsy argument, excuse,

Proud of a vast extent of flimsy lines. --Pope.

All the flimsy furniture of a country miss's brain.

Syn: Weak; feeble; superficial; shallow; vain.

Flimsy \Flim"sy\, n.
1. Thin or transfer paper.

2. A bank note. [Slang, Eng.]

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adj 1: lacking solidity or strength; "a flimsy table"; "flimsy
construction"; "a fragile link with the past" [syn: {fragile}]
2: having little substance or significance; "a flimsy excuse";
"slight evidence"; "a tenuous argument"; "a thin plot"
[syn: {slight}, {tenuous}, {thin}]
3: very thin and insubstantial; "thin paper"; "flimsy voile";
"light summer dresses" [syn: {light}]
4: resembling cardboard especially in flimsiness; "apartments
with cardboard walls" [syn: {cardboard}]
n : a thin strong light-weight translucent paper used especially
for making carbon copies [syn: {onionskin}]
[also: {flimsiest}, {flimsier}]

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Inter: en-adj » flimsier|flimsiest|more
  • Likely to bend or break under pressure; weak, shaky, flexible, or fragile.
    1. : He expected the flimsy structure to collapse at any moment.


      * robust

  • strong
  • sturdy


    Inter: en-noun » flimsies

  • Thin typing paper used to make multiple copies.
    1. 1977, Inter: w » John Le Carré, The Honourable Schoolboy, Folio Society 2010, p. 251:
    2. :Smiley peered once more at the flimsy which he still clutched in his pudgy hand.
    3. Inter: informal » in the plural Skimpy underwear.
    4. Inter: quote-news » year=2007|date=October 25|author=Ruth La Ferla|title=Now It’s Nobody’s Secret|work=New York Times|url=

    |passage=Choosing lingerie “is about what makes you look good, but also what looks good with or through your clothing,” said Monica Mitro, a spokeswoman for Victoria’s Secret, the brand that catapulted racy flimsies into the public eye.


    Inter: trans-top » Thin typing paper used to make multiple copies
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