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v past tense and past participle flung /fl[hA356][hA26E]/ [T always + adverb/preposition] // ----------//
1 throw something:
2 move something:
3 push somebody:
4 move your body:
5 say something:
6 fling something open:
7 fling somebody in prison/jail:
8 fling yourself into something:
9 fling yourself at somebody: Phrasal verbs// fling something → off// fling somebody/something → out// ----------// [Date: 1200-1300; Origin: From a Scandinavian language]//
1 THROW SOMETHING: to throw something somewhere using a lot of force// fling sth into sth// --He flung the box into the river.// --People cheered and flung their hats into the air.//
2 MOVE SOMETHING: to throw or move something roughly and carelessly// --He flung his coat over the back of a chair.// --She flung back the covers and got up.// --He flung the books aside angrily.//
3 PUSH SOMEBODY: to push someone roughly, especially so that they fall to the ground// throw// --He grabbed her arm and flung her to the ground.//
4 MOVE YOUR BODY: to move yourself or part of your body quickly, using a lot of force// throw// --He flung himself down on the bed.// --She flung her arms round Louise.//
5 SAY SOMETHING: to say something to someone in an angry way// throw// fling sth at sb// --People were flinging all sorts of accusations at her.// --His own words were flung back at him.//
6 fling sth open: to open a door or window roughly, using a lot of force// --The door was flung open and Selkirk entered.//
7 fling sb in prison/jail: to put someone in prison, often without having a good reason// --Opposition leaders were flung into jail.//
8 fling yourself into sth: to start doing something with a lot of energy// --After the divorce he flung himself into his work to forget her.//
9 fling yourself at sb: a) to move suddenly towards someone in order to attack them or hold them// --He flung himself at her and snatched the bag.// --The children flung themselves at him, squealing with joy.// b) informal to show in a very clear, open way that you want to have a sexual relationship with someone - used to show disapproval// fling off [fling sth → off] phr v// to quickly remove a piece of clothing// tear off// --He flung off his coat.// fling out [fling sb/sth → out] phr v//
1 to make someone leave a place when they do not want to: throw out// fling somebody/something → out of// --He was flung out of school for swearing at a teacher.//
2 to get rid of something you no longer want or need: throw out// --If it doesn't work, just fling it out.//
fling 2 n [C usually singular]
1 a short and not very serious sexual relationship: --They had a brief fling a few years ago.//
2 a short period of time during which you enjoy yourself without worrying about anything: --He sees this as his final fling before he retires.//

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156 Moby Thesaurus words for "fling":
approach, assay, attempt, bash, bat, bender, bid, binge, boil,
bolt, bout, bowl, bung, bust, career, carousal, carouse, cast,
cast at, catapult, celebration, change of pace, change-up, charge,
chase, chuck, chuck at, chunk, clap, crack, curve, dart, dash,
debauch, downcurve, drinking bout, effort, endeavor, escapade,
essay, experiment, fastball, fire, fire at, fling at, flip, fork,
forward pass, gambit, gamble, go, haste, hasten, heave, heave at,
hie, hump, hump it, hurl, hurl against, hurl at, hurry, hurtle,
incurve, indulgence, jerk, knuckleball, lance, lark, lash, lateral,
lateral pass, launch, let fly, let fly at, lick, lob, make haste,
move, offer, orgy, outcurve, party, pass, peg, pelt, pitch,
pitchfork, plank, plop, ploy, plump, plunk, pop, post, propel, put,
put the shot, race, rampage, randan, randy, revel, risk, rush,
scamper, scoot, scour, scramble, screwball, scud, scurry, scuttle,
send, serve, service, shoot, shot, shot-put, shy, shy at, sinker,
skedaddle, slap, slider, sling, sling at, snap, spitball, spitter,
splurge, spree, stab, stagger, step, step on it, stroke,
strong bid, tear, tentative, throw, throw at, thrust, tilt, toot,
toss, toss at, trial, trial and error, try, undertaking, upcurve,
venture, whack, whirl, wingding

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[N] (Propulsion): propulsion, projection, push, shove, impulse, ejaculate, ejection, throw, fling, toss, shot, discharge, launch, release.

[V] (Propulsion): propel, impel, project, throw, fling, cast, pitch, chuck, toss, heave, hurl, flirt, ejaculate, send, send off, fire off, discharge, shoot, launch, release.

[N] (Propulsion): propulsion, projection, push, shove, impulse, ejaculate, ejection, throw, fling, toss, shot, discharge, launch, release.

[V] (Propulsion): propel, impel, project, throw, fling, cast, pitch, chuck, toss, heave, hurl, flirt, ejaculate, send, send off, fire off, discharge, shoot, launch, release.

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verb, noun
verb (flung, flung )
1 [VN +adv./prep.] to throw sb/sth somewhere with force, especially because you are angry:
Someone had flung a brick through the window. * He flung her to the ground. * She flung the letter down on the table. * The door was suddenly flung open. * I was flung forward by the impact. * He had his enemies flung into prison.
2 [VN +adv./prep.] to move yourself or part of your body suddenly and with a lot of force:
She flung herself onto the bed. * He flung out an arm to stop her from falling.
3 ~ sth (at sb) to say sth to sb in an aggressive way:
[VN] They were flinging insults at each other. [also V speech]
see also FAR-FLUNG
fling yourself at sb (informal, disapproving) to make it too obvious to sb that you want to have a sexual relationship with them
fling yourself into sth to start to do sth with a lot of energy and enthusiasm:
They flung themselves into the preparations for the party.
fling sth<->off / on (informal) to take off or put on clothing in a quick and careless way:
He flung off his coat and collapsed on the sofa.
fling sb<->out (BrE, informal) to make sb leave a place suddenly
fling sth<->out (BrE, informal) to get rid of sth that you do not want any longer
noun [usually sing.] (informal)
1 a short period of enjoyment when you do not allow yourself to worry or think seriously about anything:
He was determined to have one last fling before retiring.
2 ~ (with sb) a short sexual relationship with sb:
We had a brief fling, but it's over now.

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Fling \Fling\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Flung}; p. pr. & vb. n.
{Flinging}.] [OE. flingen, flengen, to rush, hurl; cf. Icel.
flengia to whip, ride furiously, OSw. flenga to strike, Sw.
fl["a]nga to romp, Dan. flenge to slash.]
1. To cast, send, to throw from the hand; to hurl; to dart;
to emit with violence as if thrown from the hand; as, to
fing a stone into the pond.

'T is Fate that flings the dice: and, as she flings,
Of kings makes peasants, and of peasants kings.

He . . . like Jove, his lighting flung. --Dryden.

I know thy generous temper well. Fling but the
appearance of dishonor on it, It straight takes
fire. --Addison.

2. To shed forth; to emit; to scatter.

The sun begins to fling His flaring beams. --Milton.

Every beam new transient colors flings. --Pope.

3. To throw; to hurl; to throw off or down; to prostrate;
hence, to baffle; to defeat; as, to fling a party in

His horse started, flung him, and fell upon him.

Fling \Fling\, v. i.
1. To throw; to wince; to flounce; as, the horse began to
kick and fling.

2. To cast in the teeth; to utter abusive language; to sneer;
as, the scold began to flout and fling.

3. To throw one's self in a violent or hasty manner; to rush
or spring with violence or haste.

And crop-full, out of doors he flings. --Milton.

I flung closer to his breast, As sword that, after
battle, flings to sheath. --Mrs.

{To fling out}, to become ugly and intractable; to utter
sneers and insinuations.

Fling \Fling\, n.
1. A cast from the hand; a throw; also, a flounce; a kick;
as, the fling of a horse.

2. A severe or contemptuous remark; an expression of
sarcastic scorn; a gibe; a sarcasm.

I, who love to have a fling, Both at senate house
and king. --Swift.

3. A kind of dance; as, the Highland fling.

4. A trifing matter; an object of contempt. [Obs.]

England were but a fling Save for the crooked stick
and the gray goose wing. --Old Proverb.

{To have one's fling}, to enjoy one's self to the full; to
have a season of dissipation. --J. H. Newman. ``When I was
as young as you, I had my fling. I led a life of
pleasure.'' --D. Jerrold.

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v 1: throw with force or recklessness; "fling the frisbee"
2: move in an abrupt or headlong manner; "He flung himself onto
the sofa"
3: indulge oneself; "I splurged on a new TV" [syn: {splurge}]
4: throw or cast away; "Put away your worries" [syn: {discard},
{toss}, {toss out}, {toss away}, {chuck out}, {cast aside},
{dispose}, {throw out}, {cast out}, {throw away}, {cast
away}, {put away}]
[also: {flung}]

n 1: a usually brief attempt; "he took a crack at it"; "I gave it
a whirl" [syn: {crack}, {go}, {pass}, {whirl}, {offer}]
2: a brief indulgence of your impulses [syn: {spree}]
3: the act of flinging
[also: {flung}]

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* Inter: IPA » /ˈflɪŋ/
  • Inter: audio » en-us-fling.ogg|Audio (US)
  • : Inter: rhymes » ɪŋ


    From Old Norse flengja


    Inter: en-nou » n

  • Short, often sexual relationship.
    1. : I had a fling with a girl I met on holiday.
    2. An act of unrestrained indulgence.
    3. An act of throwing, often violently.
    4. An act of moving the limbs or body with violent movements, especially in a dance.
    5. Inter: figurativel » y An attempt, a try (as in "give it a fling").


      * Inter: l » en|hookup


      Inter: trans-top » short sexual relationship

  • Dutch: Inter: t- » nl|slippertje|n
  • Finnish: Inter: t+ » fi|säätö
  • French: Inter: t+ » fr|aventure|f, Inter: t+ » fr|passade|f

  • Inter: trans-mi » d
    • German: Inter: t+ » de|Affäre|f
    • Portuguese: Inter: t+ » pt|caso|m
    • Spanish: Inter: t+ » es|aventura|f

    Inter: trans-botto » m


    Inter: en-verb » flings|flinging|flung
  • To throw with violence or quick movement; to hurl.
    1. 2011, Tom Fordyce, Rugby World Cup 2011: England 12-19 France []
    2. : Wilkinson was struggling, sending the re-start straight into touch and flinging a pass the same way, and France then went close to the first try of the contest as Clerc took a long pass out on the left and was just bundled into touch by the corner flag.


      Inter: trans-top » to fling

  • Arabic: Inter: t+ » ar|صب|tr=Sabba, Inter: t- » ar|رمى|tr=rammaa, Inter: t+ » ar|اندفع|tr=indafa`a
  • Armenian: Inter: t- » hy|նետել|tr=netel, Inter: t- » hy|գցել|tr=gc’el
  • Chinese: Inter: zh-tsp » 拋|抛|pāo, Inter: t- » cmn|投|tr=tóu|sc=Hani, Inter: zh-tsp » 鑄|铸|zhù, Inter: t- » cmn|扔|tr=rēng|sc=Hani
  • Czech: Inter: t- » cs|mrštit, Inter: t+ » cs|hodit
  • Dutch: Inter: t+ » nl|smijten
  • German: Inter: t+ » de|schleudern
  • Indonesian: banting, membanting

  • Inter: trans-mi » d
    • Japanese: 投げる (なげる, nageru)
    • Quechua: Inter: t- » qu|chuqay
    • Romanian: Inter: t+ » ro|arunca
    • Russian: бросать (brosát’) Inter: imp » f, бросить (brósit’) Inter: pf » ., кидать (kidát’) Inter: imp » f, кинуть (kínut’) Inter: pf » ., метать (metát’) Inter: imp » f, метнуть (metnút’) Inter: pf » ., швырять (švyrját’) Inter: imp » f, швырнуть (švyrnút’) Inter: pf » .
    • Spanish: Inter: t+ » es|aventar, Inter: t+ » es|lanzar

    Inter: trans-botto » m
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