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Flip Chip Pin Grid Array

(FC-PGA) The package of certain {Intel}
{Celeron} and {Pentium III} processors. FC-PGA processors fit
into {Socket 370} {motherboard} sockets.

The Flip Chip {Pin Grid Array} is similar to {PPGA}, except
that the {silicon} {core} is facing up and the {heat slug} is

FC-PGA packaging is used by Pentium III processors, and
Celeron 566 processors onward. Earlier Celeron processors
used {PPGA} packaging.

Celeron processors are also available in {Slot 1} {SEPP}
packaging and Pentium III processors in Slot 1 {SECC2}

Adapters are available to allow a PPGA Celeron to plug into
a Slot 1 connector.