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46 Moby Thesaurus words for "flip out":
anger, boil over, bridle, bridle up, bristle, bristle up, fidget,
flutter, freak out on, get high on, get mad, get sore, glow,
go pitapat, have the fidgets, have the shakes, heave, jerk,
palpitate, pant, quake, quaver, quiver, reach boiling point,
see red, shake, shiver, squirm, swell, swell with emotion, thrill,
thrill to, throb, tingle, tingle with excitement, toss,
toss and turn, tremble, tumble, turn on to, twist and turn, twitch,
twitter, wiggle, wriggle, writhe

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flip out
v : go mad, go crazy; "He flipped when he heard that he was
being laid off" [syn: {flip}]

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Inter: en-verb » flips out|flipping out|flipped out
  • To become angry about something.
    1. : When I failed the test, I flipped out.


      * foul tip

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