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  1. Inter: video game » s Not scrolling, but composed of linked screens between which the player can move.
  2. 1987, Feud (review in Crash magazine issue 38)
  3. : Learic and Leanoric concoct their spells by travelling round the flip-screen landscape, collecting rare herbs and roots from the countryside.
  4. 1990, Hammerfist (review in Your Sinclair magazine issue 54)
  5. : Yes, that's right, you've correctly deduced from the plot that what we're talking about here is a flip-screen adventure, each screen presenting you with a few baddies to beat up and one or two problems to solve before you can progress onto the next one.
  6. 1992, Ian Osborne, Shoot-Em-Up Construction Kit (review in Zzap!'' magazine issue 84)

  • : So, your masterpiece is going to have to be either a straightforward (upward?) vertically scrolling blast (with a choice of fast or faster still but both supremely smooth), a single flip-screen affair or a 'push-scrolling' jobbie where the screen scrolls in accordance with the main sprite.