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Alternative forms

* flyrd


From Inter: etyl » enm|sco Inter: term » flerd|flerd|fraud, deceit|lang=enm, from Inter: etyl » ang|sco Inter: term » fleard|fleard|nonsense, deception, fraud, superstition|lang=ang. Cognate with Inter: etyl » is|- Inter: term » flærð||deceit|lang=is, Inter: etyl » sv|- Inter: term » flärd||vanity, frivolity, flamboyance|lang=sv. More at flirt.


Inter: head » sco|noun
  • Anything insufficient or thin
    1. old, forworn, or unsubstantial clothing


      Inter: head » sco|verb

  • Inter: transitiv » e To gibe; jeer.
  • Inter: intransitiv » e To flutter; flounce; flaunt.
  • Inter: intransitiv » e To talk idly; flirt.