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1852, "glowing in ultraviolet light," coined by Eng. mathematician and physicist Sir George G. Stokes (1819-1903) from fluorspar (see fluorine), because in it he first noticed the phenomenon, + ending -escence from opalescence, phosphorescence. The fluorescent electric lamp patent was applied for in 1896 by Thomas A. Edison, but such lights were rare before 1938. ///

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Emission of electromagnetic radiation, usually visible light, caused by excitation of atoms in a material, which then reemit almost immediately (within about 10-8 seconds). The initial excitation is usually caused by absorption of energy from incident radiation or particles, such as X rays or electrons. Because re-emission occurs so quickly, the fluorescence ceases as soon as the exciting source is removed, unlike phosphorescence, which persists as an afterglow. A fluorescent lightbulb is coated on the inside with a powder and contains a gas; electricity causes the gas to emit ultraviolet radiation, which then stimulates the tube coating to emit light. The pixels of a television or computer screen fluoresce when electrons from an electron gun strike them. Fluorescence is often used to analyze molecules, and the addition of a fluorescing agent with emissions in the blue region of the spectrum to detergents causes fabrics to appear whiter in sunlight. X-ray fluorescence is used to analyze minerals.

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28 Moby Thesaurus words for "fluorescence":
autoluminescence, bioluminescence, cathode luminescence,
chemicoluminescence, chemiluminescence, corposant,
crystalloluminescence, double corposant, electroluminescence,
fata morgana, fox fire, ignis fatuus, luciferase, luciferin,
luminescence, luminophor, marshfire, noctiluscence, phosphor,
phosphorescence, photoluminescence, radioluminescence,
thermoluminescence, tribofluorescence, triboluminescence,
tribophosphorescence, wisp, witch fire

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[N] (Light): luminary, light, flame, fire, spark, phosphorescence, fluorescence, incandescence, sun, star, orb, meteor.

[N] (Transparency): transparence, transparency, clarity, translucence, translucency, lucidity, limpidity, fluorescence, crystal.

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Fluorescence \Flu`o*res"cence\, n.
A property possessed by fluor spar, uranium glass, sulphide
of calcium, and many other substances, of glowing without
appreciable rise of temperature when exposed to light or to
ultra-violet rays, cathode rays, X rays, etc.

Fluorescence \Flu`o*res"cence\, n. [From {Fluor}.] (Opt.)
That property which some transparent bodies have of producing
at their surface, or within their substance, light different
in color from the mass of the material, as when green
crystals of fluor spar afford blue reflections. It is due not
to the difference in the color of a distinct surface layer,
but to the power which the substance has of modifying the
light incident upon it. The light emitted by fluorescent
substances is in general of lower refrangibility than the
incident light. --Stockes.

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n : light emitted during absorption of radiation of some other
(invisible) wavelength

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Coined 1852 by physicist Category: w - :Sir George Stokes, 1st Baronet|George Stokes from Inter: term » fluorspar + Inter: term » -escence


Inter: en-noun » -
  • Inter: physic » s The emission of light (or other electromagnetic radiation) by a material when stimulated by the absorption of radiation or of a subatomic particle
    1. The light so emitted

      Derived terms

      * fluorescence microscope

  • fluoresce
  • fluorescein
  • fluorescent

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