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v past tense flew /flu[hA359]/// past participle flown /fl[hA353][hA35E]n $ flo[hA35E]n/// ----------//
1 travel by plane:
2 move through the air:
3 control a plane:
4 send somebody/something by plane:
5 use air company/service:
6 cross sea by plane:
7 birds/insects:
8 move somewhere quickly:
9 kite:
10 (I) must fly:
11 move freely:
12 flag:
13 fly the flag:
14 time flies:
15 fly into a rage/temper/panic etc:
16 fly off the handle:
17 let fly (something):
18 fly in the face of something:
19 escape:
20 be flying high:
21 fly the nest:
22 plan:
23 fly a kite:
24 go fly a kite:
25 rumours/accusations etc are flying:
26 fly the coop:
27 fly by the seat of your pants: Phrasal verbs// fly at somebody// ----------//
1 TRAVEL BY PLANE: [I] to travel by plane// --She's flying back to the States tomorrow.// --Will you take the train there or fly?// --Maurice is nervous about flying, so he usually travels overland.// fly to// --The prime minister will be flying to Delhi later today for a three-day visit.// fly from/out of/in etc// --He was arrested at Heathrow after flying from Brussels airport.// --Lewis stopped off in Jamaica before flying on to Toronto.//
2 MOVE THROUGH THE AIR: [I] if a plane, spacecraft etc flies, it moves through the air// --The plane was attacked as it flew over restricted airspace.//
3 CONTROL A PLANE: [I and T] to be at the controls of a plane and direct it as it flies// --She was the first woman to fly Concorde.// --The pilot was instructed to fly the plane to Montreal airport.// --Sonny learnt to fly when he was 15.//
4 SEND SOMEBODY/SOMETHING BY PLANE: [T] to take goods or people somewhere by plane// --The injured boy was flown by air ambulance to the Royal London Hospital.// fly sth into/out of etc sth// --US planes have been flying food and medical supplies into the area.//
5 USE AIR COMPANY/SERVICE: [I and T] to use a particular airline or use a particular type of ticket when you travel by plane// --We usually fly economy class.// --Millions of passengers fly British Airways every year.//
6 CROSS SEA BY PLANE: [T] to cross a particular ocean or area of sea in a plane// --Who was the first person to fly the Atlantic?//
7 BIRDS/INSECTS: [I] to move through the air using wings// --The mother bird will feed her chicks until they are able to fly.// --The evening air was clouded with mosquitoes and other flying insects.// fly away/off/in etc// --At that moment, a wasp flew in through the open window.// --The little robin shook its feathers and flew away.//
8 MOVE SOMEWHERE QUICKLY: [I] // a) to move somewhere quickly and suddenly// fly down/across/out of etc// --Ellen flew across the room and greeted her uncle with a kiss.// --Rachel's hand flew to her mouth.// fly open/shut// --The door flew open and a child rushed out.// b) to move quickly and suddenly through the air// --There was a loud explosion, and suddenly there was glass flying everywhere.// --William hit Jack on the head and sent his glasses flying .// --The ball bounced off the wall and went flying into the garden next door.//
9 KITE: [T] to make a kite fly in the air// --In the park people were walking their dogs or flying their kites.//
10 (I) must fly: spoken used to say that you must leave quickly//
11 MOVE FREELY: [I] to move freely and loosely in the air// --Harriet ran after him, her hair flying behind her.//
12 FLAG: [I and T] if a flag flies, or if you fly it, it is fixed to the top of a tall pole so that it can be easily seen// --After the invasion, people were forbidden to fly their national flag.// --The flags were flying cheerfully in the breeze.// --The government ordered that all flags should be flown at half mast (=halfway down the pole, in order to express public sadness at someone's death) .//
13 fly the flag: to behave in a way that shows that you are proud of your country, organization etc//
14 time flies: also the hours/the days etc fly // used to say that a period of time seems to pass very quickly// --'Is it midnight already?' 'Well, you know what they say - time flies when you're having fun !'// time flies by// --The following weeks flew by, and soon it was time to leave.//
15 fly into a rage/temper/panic etc: to suddenly get extremely angry, extremely worried etc// --Rebecca flew into a rage when she realized no-one had been listening to her.//
16 fly off the handle: informal to suddenly get very angry// --Calm down, Terry - there's no need to fly off the handle.//
17 let fly (sth): a) to suddenly start shouting angrily at someone// let loose// --The prisoner let fly with a torrent of abuse.// b) to suddenly attack someone, especially with bullets or a weapon that is thrown// let fly (something) with// --The soldiers let fly with a hail of machine-gun fire.//
18 fly in the face of sth: to be the opposite of what most people think is reasonable, sensible, or normal// --He likes to fly in the face of convention.//
19 ESCAPE: [T] formal to leave somewhere in order to escape// flee// --By the time the police arrived, the men had flown.//
20 be flying high: to be having a lot of success// --The architectural firm has been flying high recently.//
21 fly the nest: a) if a young bird flies the nest, it has grown old enough to look after itself and is no longer dependent on its parents// b) if a young person flies the nest, he or she moves out of their parents' home in order to live independently// --Now that the kids have flown the nest, I'm thinking about taking a job abroad.//
22 PLAN: [I] AmE a plan that will fly will be successful and useful// --News is that the plan for the new hotel isn't going to fly .//
23 fly a kite: to tell people about an idea, plan etc in order to get their opinion// --In my latest book, I wanted to fly the kite for an unfashionable theory.// kite-flying(2)//
24 go fly a kite: AmE spoken used to tell someone to go away, stop saying something, or stop annoying you//
25 rumours/accusations etc are flying: when a lot of people are talking about something, saying someone has done something wrong etc// --Rumours were flying as to how the fire started.//
26 fly the coop: AmE informal to leave or escape// --All my children have flown the coop now.//
27 fly by the seat of your pants: informal to have to deal with a situation by guessing what to do, because you know very little about it// wing it// --Sometimes you'll get back and find that things have changed, so you'll be flying by the seat of your pants for a while.// the bird has flown at bird(8), as the crow flies at crow1 (3), sparks fly at spark1 (6)// fly at [fly at sb] phr v// to suddenly rush towards someone and try to hit them because you are very angry with them//
fly 2 past tense and past participle flied present participle flying third person singular flies v [I] // to hit a ball in baseball high into the air//
fly 3 plural flies n [C] // ----------//
1 insect:
2 trousers:
3 somebody wouldn't hurt/harm a fly:
4 be dying/dropping etc like flies:
5 a fly in the ointment:
6 be a fly on the wall:
7 there are no flies on somebody:
8 on the fly:
9 fishing:
10 baseball: ----------// [Sense: 1, 3-7, 9; Origin: Old English fleoge]// [Sense: 2, 8, 10; Date: 1800-1900; Origin: FLY1]//
1 INSECT: a small flying insect with two wings// --There were flies buzzing all around us.//
2 TROUSERS: especially AmE also flies // [plural] BrE the part at the front of a pair of trousers which you can open// --He quickly did up his fly.// --Your flies are undone.//
3 sb wouldn't hurt/harm a fly: informal used to say that someone is very gentle and is not likely to hurt anyone//
4 be dying/dropping etc like flies: informal used to say that a lot of people are dying or becoming ill//
5 a fly in the ointment: informal the only thing that spoils something and prevents it from being successful// --The only fly in the ointment was Jacky.//
6 be a fly on the wall: to be able to watch what happens without other people knowing that you are there// --I wish I'd been a fly on the wall during that conversation.// fly-on-the-wall//
7 there are no flies on sb: BrE spoken used to say that someone is not stupid and cannot be tricked//
8 on the fly: a) technical while a computer program is actually running// --The code is translated on the fly.// b) while dealing with a situation, rather than before dealing with it// --So far, policy is being made on the fly.//
9 FISHING: a hook that is made to look like a fly and is used for catching fish//
10 BASEBALL: a fly ball//
fly 4 adj [Date: 1800-1900; Origin: Probably from FLY1]//
1 informal very fashionable and attractive: --Wear something really fly for your Friday date.//
2 BrE old-fashioned clever and not easily tricked: --He's a bit of a fly character.//

fly at Norwegian => English Of Explained:

e combatjoin, mix, to inte

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flee, fly

fly at English => English (The Britannica Concise) Of Explained:

In general, almost any small flying insect. In entomology, the term refers specifically to the approximately 85,000 species of two-winged, or "true," flies (dipterans). Other insects called flies have wing structures that differ from that of dipterans.

FLY at English => English (devils) Of Explained:

o the contrary
inverteddao3 wei4inversiondao3 ta1collapse
toppledao4 chou1 yi1 kou3 qi4(v) gasp in surprisedao3 ye2(n) profiteer; one who buys low and sell highdao3 tai2to overthrow
to fall from power
to go bankruptdao4 tui4(v) fall back; go in reversedao3 bi4to go bankrupt
to close downdao3 mei2have bad luck
be out of luckdao3 teng5(v) move about
(v) fraudlent buying and sellingjue2crabby
toughxing4luckytang3iftang3 ruo4providedhou4waithou4 bu3(v) a canidate for a vacancy; an alternatehou4 che1 shi4waiting room (for train, bus, etc)hou4 xuan3(adj) candidatehou4 xuan3 ren2candidatehou4 niao3migratory birdyi3to lean on
rely uponyi3 zhang4to lean on
rely onyi3 zhong4to rely heavily uponyi3 kao4to lean on
re onti4energetic
magnanimousjie4to lend
to borrow
by means ofjie4 zhai4owejie4 chu1lendjie4 zhu4to get help fromjie4 kou3excuse
pretextjie4 shu1 dan1book slipjie4 kuan3loanjie4 ji4 ka3debit cardjie4 jian4(v) utilize others work; use as a source of referencechang4initiate
initiatechang4 dao3advocate
be a proponent of (an idea or school of thought)chang4 yi4(v) suggest; propose
(n) suggestion; proposaljie2handsomefang3imitatekong1ignorant
winsomeni2(surname)lun2human relationshiplun2 dun1London (capital of United Kingdom)lun2 li3ethicslun2 qin2rontgen
roentgenlun2 qin2 she4 xian4rontgen rays
roentgen rays
x-rayzhuo1noticeable, large
clear, distinwo1Japanese
(to be) worth
to happenzhi2 de5to be worth
to deservezhi2 de5 qing4 xing4auspicious
worth celebrating
worthy of congratulationszhi2 de5 zhu4 yi4notable
merit attentionzhi2 de5 zhu4 yi4 de5 shi4it's worth noting that...zhi2 ban1(v) be on dutycheng1to callyan3(surname)
to lie supine
to stop
to fall downYan3 shi1(N) Yanshi (city in Henan)jia3fake
to borrow
supposejia4vacationjia3 ren2(n) mannequinjia3 shi3suppose
given ...jia3 jie4 zi4loan characterjia3 mao4(v) impersonate; palm off an imitationjia3 fou3 ding4 ju4false negativejia3 ru2ifjia3 ding4to assume
to supposejia4 ri4holiday
non-working dayjia4 qi1vacationjia4 tiao2leave permit
application for leavejia3 ken3 ding4 ju4false affirmativejia3 ruo4if
in casejia3 zhuang1

fly at English => English (Moby Thesaurus II) Of Explained:

301 Moby Thesaurus words for "fly":
abscond, absquatulate, advance, aeroplane, airlift, airplane,
applique, arachnid, arise, arthropod, ascend, aspire, bait,
ball the jack, balloon, barnstorm, barrel, be airborne,
be annihilated, be consumed, be destroyed, be gone, be no more,
be wiped out, bear, beat a retreat, become airborne, beetle,
birdlime, bola, bolt, boom, bowl along, brandish, break, breeze,
breeze along, brush, bug, bunk, carry, caterpillar, cease,
cease to be, cease to exist, centipede, chilopod, claw skyward,
clear out, clip, coast, cobweb, conduct, continue, control, convey,
copilot, cruise, cut along, cut and run, cut out, daddy longlegs,
dance, dart, dash, decamp, dematerialize, depart, desert, die,
die away, die out, diplopod, disappear, dispel, disperse,
dissipate, dissolve, do a fade-out, dragnet, drift, drive, dwindle,
elapse, elope, endure, erode, evanesce, evaporate, exit, expire,
fade, fade away, fade out, ferry, fishhook, flap, flaunt, flee,
fleet, flicker, flit, flitter, float, flourish, flow, flow on,
flutter, fly aloft, fly low, foot, freight, fugitate,
gain altitude, gill net, glide, glissade, go, go AWOL, go away,
go by, go fast, go on, ground bait, hang, harvestman, hasten,
hexapod, hide, highball, hightail, hook, hop, hover, hurry,
hydroplane, ice-skate, imbrication, insect, jet, jig, jump,
jump bail, kite, lap, lapse, lariat, larva, lasso, last,
leave no trace, leave the ground, leave the scene, levant, lift,
lime, lug, lure, maggot, make knots, make off, make tracks,
manhandle, manipulate, melt, melt away, melt like snow, meshes,
millepede, millipede, mite, mount, navigate, net, nip, noose,
nymph, outstrip the wind, overlap, overlapping, overlay, overlayer,
pack, pass, pass away, pass by, pass out, peel off, perish,
peter out, pilot, plane, plug, poise, pound net, pour it on,
press on, proceed, purse seine, retire from sight, retreat, rip,
rise, roll on, roller-skate, run, run along, run away,
run away from, run away with, run for it, run its course, run off,
run on, run out, rush, sail, sailplane, scamper, scape, scoot,
scorch, scorpion, screw, scud, seaplane, seine, shake, shoot,
show the heels, sideslip, sink, sink away, sizzle, skate,
skateboard, skedaddle, ski, skid, skim, skip, skip out, sled,
sleigh, slide, slip, slip the cable, slither, snare, sniggle, soar,
solo, speed, spider, spinner, spire, springe, squid, storm along,
suffer an eclipse, sweep, swing, take, take French leave,
take flight, take off, take the air, take to flight, take wing,
tarantula, tear, tear along, thunder along, tick, toboggan, toils,
tote, transport, trawl, turn tail, undulate, vanish,
vanish from sight, volplane, waft, wag, waste, waste away, wave,
wear away, whish, whisk, whiz, wield, wigwag, wing, withdraw,
wobbler, zing, zip, zoom

fly at Swedish => English Of Explained:

r(asistanto) a

fly at English => English (English Thesaurus) Of Explained:

[V] (Indefinite duration): last, elapse, lapse, flow, run, proceed, advance, pass, wear on, press on, flit, fly, slip, slide, glide, run its course, run out, expire, go by, pass by.

[V] (Transience): be transient, flit, pass away, fly, vanish, fade, evaporate, change.

[ADJ] (Transience): transient, transitory, passing, evanescent, fleeting, cursory, short-lived, ephemeral, flying, fugacious, fugitive, temporary, impermanent, brief, momentary.

[ADV] (Transience): temporarily, pro tempore , for the moment, for a time, awhile, soon, early, briefly, at short notice, on the point of.

[V] (Fear): fear, be afraid, have qualms, take fright, take alarm, start, wince, flinch, shy, shrink, fly, avoid, tremble.

Fly at English => English (Eastons 1897 Bible) Of Explained:

t, topic, material, food for thought, subject matter, matter, theme, thesis, text, affair, argument, resolution, case, point, proposition, theorem, field of inquiry, problem, question.

[N] (Grammar): grammar, syntax, punctuation, parts of speech, inflection, case, declension, conjugation.

[N] (Occupation): business, occupation, profession, career, employment, pursuit, affair, concern, matter, case, irons in the fire, agenda.[N] (Agreement): agreement, accord, accordance, unison, harmony, concord, concordance, concert, understanding, mutual understanding, conformity, uniformity, consonance, consistency, congruity, congruence, keeping, congeniality, correspondence, parallelism, apposition, union, fitness, aptness, relevancy, pertinence, case in point, aptitude, propriety, applicability, admissibility, commensurability, compatibility, relation, adjustment, accommodation, reconciliation, assimilation, consent, assent, concurrence, cooperation.

[N] (Conformity): conformity, conformance, observance, habituation, naturalization, conventionality, custom, agreement, example, instance, specimen, sample, exemplification, illustration, case in point, object lesson, elucidation, standard, model, pattern, prototype, rule, nat

fly at English => English (Oxford Advanced Learners) Of Explained:

verb, noun
verb (flies, flying, flew )
HELP NOTE In sense 15 flied is used for the past tense and past participle.
of bird / insect
1 [V] to move through the air, using wings:
A stork flew slowly past. * A wasp had flown in through the window.
aircraft / spacecraft
2 [V] (of an aircraft or a spacecraft) to move through air or space:
They were on a plane flying from London to New York. * to fly at the speed of sound * Lufthansa fly to La Paz from Frankfurt.
3 [V] to travel in an aircraft or a spacecraft:
I'm flying to Hong Kong tomorrow. * Is this the first time that you've flown? * I always fly business class. * We're flying KLM.
4 to control an aircraft, etc. in the air:
[VN] a pilot trained to fly large passenger planes * children flying kites * [V] He's learning to fly.
5 [VN +adv./prep.] to transport goods or passengers in a plane:
The stranded tourists were finally flown home. * He had flowers specially flown in for the ceremony.
6 [VN] to travel over an ocean or area of land in an aircraft:
to fly the Atlantic
move quickly / suddenly
7 [V] [often +adv./prep.] to go or move quickly:
The train was flying along. * She gasped and her hand flew to her mouth. * It's late-I must fly.
8 [usually +adv./prep.] to move suddenly and with force:
[V] A large stone came flying in through the window. * Several people were hit by flying glass. * [V-ADJ] David gave the door a kick and it flew open.
of time
9 [V] ~ (by / past) to seem to pass very quickly:
Doesn't time fly? * Summer has just flown by.
10 if a flag flies, or if you fly it, it is displayed, for example on a long pole:
[VN] to fly the Union Jack / Stars and Stripes * [V] Flags were flying at half mast on all public buildings.
move freely
11 [V] to move around freely:
hair flying in the wind
of stories / rumours
12 [V] to be talked about by many people
13 (written) to escape from sb/sth:
[VN] Both suspects have flown the country. [also V]
compare FLEE
of plan
14 [V] (AmE) to be successful:
It remains to be seen whether his project will fly.
in baseball
15 (flies, flying, flied, flied) [VN] to hit a ball high into the air
fly the coop (informal, especially AmE) to escape from a place
fly high to be successful:
British cinema has been flying high recently, winning several coveted awards.
fly in the face of sth (written) to oppose or be the opposite of sth that is usual or expected:
Such a proposal is flying in the face of common sense.
fly into a rage, temper, etc. to become suddenly very angry
(go) fly a / your kite (AmE, informal) used to tell sb to go away and stop annoying you or interfering
fly the nest
1 (of a young bird) to become able to fly and leave its nest
2 (informal) (of sb's child) to leave home and live somewhere else
fly off the handle (informal) to suddenly become very angry:
He seems to fly off the handle about the slightest thing these days.
go flying (BrE, informal) to fall, especially as a result of not seeing sth under your feet:
Someone's going to go flying if you don't pick up these toys.
let fly (at sb/sth) (with sth) to attack sb by hitting them or speaking angrily to them:
He let fly at me with his fist. * She let fly with a stream of abuse.
more at BIRD, CROW n., FLAG n., PIG n., SEAT n., TANGENT, WINDOW
fly at sb (of a person or an animal) to attack sb suddenly:
He flew at me without warning.
(plural flies)


1 [C] a small flying insect with two wings. There are many different types of fly:
A fly was buzzing against the window. * Flies rose in thick black swarms.

in fishing

2 [C] a fly or sth made to look like a fly, that is put on a hook and used as BAIT to catch fish:
fly fishing

on trousers / pants
3 [sing.] (BrE also flies [pl.]) an opening down the front of a pair of trousers/pants that fastens with a ZIP or buttons and is usually covered over by a strip of material:
Your fly is undone! * Your flies are undone!
on tent
4 [C] a piece of fabric that covers the entrance to a tent
see also FLIES
die / fall / drop like flies to die or fall down in very large numbers:
People were dropping like flies in the intense heat.
a / the fly in the ointment a person or thing that spoils a situation or an occasion that is satisfactory in all other ways
a fly on the wall a person who watches others without being noticed:
I'd love to be a fly on the wall when he tells her the news. * fly-on-the-wall documentaries (= in which people are filmed going about their normal lives as if the camera were not there)
(there are) no flies on sb (informal) the person mentioned is clever and not easily tricked
not harm / hurt a fly to be kind and gentle and unwilling to cause unhappiness
on the fly (informal) if you do sth on the fly, you do it quickly while sth else is happening, and without thinking about it very much

Fly at English => English (Websters 1913) Of Explained:

Fly \Fly\, v. t.
To manage (an aircraft) in flight; as, to fly an

Fly \Fly\, n. (Cotton Manuf.)
Waste cotton.

Fly \Fly\, n.; pl. {Flies} (fl[imac]z). [OE. flie, flege, AS.
fl[=y]ge, fle['o]ge, fr. fle['o]gan to fly; akin to D. vlieg,
OHG. flioga, G. fliege, Icel. & Sw. fluga, Dan. flue. [root]
84. See {Fly}, v. i.]
1. (Zo["o]l.)
(a) Any winged insect; esp., one with transparent wings;
as, the Spanish fly; firefly; gall fly; dragon fly.
(b) Any dipterous insect; as, the house fly; flesh fly;
black fly. See {Diptera}, and Illust. in Append.

2. A hook dressed in imitation of a fly, -- used for fishing.
``The fur-wrought fly.'' --Gay.

Fly \Fly\, v. t.
1. To cause to fly or to float in the air, as a bird, a kite,
a flag, etc.

The brave black flag I fly. --W. S.

2. To fly or flee from; to shun; to avoid.

Sleep flies the wretch. --Dryden.

To fly the favors of so good a king. --Shak.

3. To hunt with a hawk. [Obs.] --Bacon.

{To fly a kite} (Com.), to raise money on commercial notes.
[Cant or Slang]

Fly \Fly\, a.
Knowing; wide awake; fully understanding another's meaning.
[Slang] --Dickens.

Fly \Fly\ (fl[imac]), v. i. [imp. {Flew} (fl[=u]); p. p. {Flown}
(fl[=o]n); p. pr. & vb. n. {Flying}.] [OE. fleen, fleen,
fleyen, flegen, AS. fle['o]gan; akin to D. vliegen, OHG.
fliogan, G. fliegen, Icel. flj[=u]ga, Sw. flyga, Dan. flyve,
Goth. us-flaugjan to cause to fly away, blow about, and perh.
to L. pluma feather, E. plume. [root]84. Cf. {Fledge},
{Flight}, {Flock} of animals.]
1. To move in or pass thorugh the air with wings, as a bird.

2. To move through the air or before the wind; esp., to pass
or be driven rapidly through the air by any impulse.

3. To float, wave, or rise in the air, as sparks or a flag.

Man is born unto trouble, as the sparks fly upward.
--Job v. 7.

4. To move or pass swiftly; to hasten away; to circulate
rapidly; as, a ship flies on the deep; a top flies around;
rumor flies.

Fly, envious Time, till thou run out thy race.

The dark waves murmured as the ships flew on.

5. To run from danger; to attempt to escape; to flee; as, an
enemy or a coward flies. See Note under {Flee}.

Fly, ere evil intercept thy flight. --Milton.

Whither shall I fly to escape their hands ? --Shak.

6. To move suddenly, or with violence; to do an act suddenly
or swiftly; -- usually with a qualifying word; as, a door
flies open; a bomb flies apart.

{To fly about} (Naut.), to change frequently in a short time;
-- said of the wind.

{To fly around}, to move about in haste. [Colloq.]

{To fly at}, to spring toward; to rush on; to attack

{To fly in the face of}, to insult; to assail; to set at
defiance; to oppose with violence; to act in direct
opposition to; to resist.

{To fly off}, to separate, or become detached suddenly; to

{To fly on}, to attack.

{To fly open}, to open suddenly, or with violence.

{To fly out}.
(a) To rush out.
(b) To burst into a passion; to break out into license.

{To let fly}.
(a) To throw or drive with violence; to discharge. ``A man
lets fly his arrow without taking any aim.''
(b) (Naut.) To let go suddenly and entirely; as, to let
fly the sheets.

fly at English => English (WordNet) Of Explained:

adj : (British informal) not to be deceived or hoodwinked
[also: {flown}, {flew}]

v 1: travel through the air; be airborne; "Man cannot fly" [syn:
2: move quickly or suddenly; "He flew about the place"
3: fly a plane [syn: {aviate}, {pilot}]
4: transport by aeroplane; "We fly flowers from the Caribbean
to North America"
5: cause to fly or float; "fly a kite"
6: be dispersed or disseminated; "Rumors and accusations are
7: change quickly from one emotional state to another; "fly
into a rage"
8: pass away rapidly; "Time flies like an arrow"; "Time fleeing
beneath him" [syn: {fell}, {vanish}]
9: travel in an airplane; "she is flying to Cincinnati
tonight"; "Are we driving or flying?"
10: display in the air or cause to float; "fly a kite"; "All
nations fly their flags in front of the U.N."
11: run away quickly; "He threw down his gun and fled" [syn: {flee},
{take flight}]
12: travel over (an area of land or sea) in an aircraft;
"Lindbergh was the first to fly the Atlantic"
13: hit a fly
14: decrease rapidly and disappear; "the money vanished in las
Vegas"; "all my stock assets have vaporized" [syn: {vanish},
[also: {flown}, {flew}]

n 1: two-winged insects characterized by active flight
2: flap consisting of a piece of canvas that can be drawn back
to provide entrance to a tent [syn: {tent-fly}, {rainfly},
{fly sheet}, {tent flap}]
3: an opening in a garment that is closed by a zipper or
buttons concealed by a fold of cloth [syn: {fly front}]
4: (baseball) a hit that flies up in the air [syn: {fly ball}]
5: fisherman's lure consisting of a fishhook decorated to look
like an insect
[also: {flown}, {flew}]

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* Inter: enPR » flī, Inter: IPA » /flaɪ/, Inter: X-SAMPA » /flaI/
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  • Inter: rhymes » aɪ

    Etymology 1

    Inter: wikipedi » a

Inter: common » s
From Inter: etyl » ang Inter: term » flyge|flȳġe|lang=ang, Inter: term » fleoge|flēoge|lang=ang. Cognate with Scots Inter: term » flee|lang=sco, Dutch Inter: term » vlieg|lang=nl, German Inter: term » Fliege|lang=de, Swedish Inter: term » fluga|lang=sv.


Category: Image - :Mouche verte dos.jpg|thumb|right|A fly (insect)
Inter: en-noun » fl|ies
  • Inter: context » zoology Any insect of the order Diptera; characterized by having two wings, also called true flies.
    1. Inter: context » non-technical Especially, any of the insects of the family Muscidae, such as the common housefly (other families of Diptera include mosquitoes and midges).
    2. Any similar, but unrelated insect such as dragonfly or butterfly.
    3. Inter: context » fishing A lightweight fishing lure resembling an insect.
    4. Inter: weightliftin » g A chest exercise performed by moving extended arms from the sides to in front of the chest. (also flye)
      Derived terms
      Inter: der-top » Terms derived from the noun "fly"

  • blackfly
  • blowfly
  • botfly
  • caddis fly
  • cranefly
  • damselfly
  • dragonfly
  • drain fly
  • firefly
  • fly agaric
  • fly on the wall
  • flyswatter
  • flyweight

  • Inter: der-mi » d
    • fruit fly
    • gadfly
    • greenfly
    • horsefly
    • house fly
    • hoverfly
    • march fly
    • mayfly
    • moth fly
    • sandfly, sand fly
    • sawfly
    • warble fly
    • whitefly
    • wouldn't hurt a fly

    Inter: der-botto » m
    Inter: trans-top » insect of the order Diptera
    • Esperanto: Inter: qualifier » ♂♀ Inter: t- » eo|muŝo, Inter: qualifier » ♂ Inter: t- » eo|virmuŝo, Inter: qualifier » neologism ♂ Inter: t- » eo|muŝiĉo, Inter: qualifier » ♀ Inter: t- » eo|muŝino, Inter: qualifier » ♂♀ offspring Inter: t- » eo|muŝido, Inter: qualifier » ♂ offspring Inter: t- » eo|virmuŝido, Inter: qualifier » ♀ offspring Inter: t- » eo|muŝidino, Inter: qualifier » ♂♀ larva Inter: t- » eo|muŝolarvo
    • Faroese: Inter: t- » fo|fluga|f
    • Finnish: Inter: t- » fi|kaksisiipinen
    • Inter: trreq » fr
    • German: Inter: t+ » de|Fliege|f
    • Ido: Inter: qualifier » ♂♀ Inter: t+ » io|musho, Inter: qualifier » ♂ Inter: t- » io|mushulo, Inter: qualifier » ♀ Inter: t- » io|mushino, Inter: qualifier » ♂♀ offspring Inter: t- » io|mushyuno, Inter: qualifier » ♂ offspring Inter: t- » io|mushyunulo, Inter: qualifier » ♀ offspring Inter: t- » io|mushyunino, Inter: qualifier » ♂♀ larva Inter: t- » io|musholarvo
    • Japanese: Inter: t- » ja|ハエ目|tr=hae-me|sc=Jpan, Inter: t- » ja|双翅目|tr=sōshime|sc=Jpan
    • Norwegian:
    • : Bokmål: Inter: t- » no|flue|f|m
    • : Nynorsk: Inter: t- » nn|fluge|f

    Inter: trans-mi » d
  • Persian: Inter: t+ » fa|دوبالان|tr=dobâlân
  • Serbo-Croatian:
  • : Cyrillic: Inter: t- » sh|мува|f|sc=Cyrl Inter: qualifier » Bosnia, Serbia, Inter: t- » sh|муха|f|sc=Cyrl Inter: qualifier » Croatia, Bosnia, Inter: qualifier » diminutive Inter: t- » sh|мушица|f
  • : Roman: Inter: t- » sh|muva|f Inter: qualifier » Bosnia, Serbia, Inter: t- » sh|muha|f Inter: qualifier » Croatia, Bosnia, Inter: qualifier » diminutive Inter: t- » sh|mušica|f
  • Swahili: Inter: t+ » sw|nzi
  • Swedish: Inter: t- » sv|tvåvinge|c
  • Telugu: Inter: t+ » te|ఈగ|tr=īga
  • Turkish: Inter: t+ » tr|sinek
  • Volapük: Inter: qualifier » ♂♀ Inter: t+ » vo|musak, Inter: qualifier » ♂ Inter: t- » vo|himusak, Inter: qualifier » ♀ Inter: t- » vo|jimusak, Inter: qualifier » ♂♀ offspring Inter: t- » vo|musakül, Inter: qualifier » ♂ offspring Inter: t- » vo|himusakül, Inter: qualifier » ♀ offspring Inter: t- » vo|jimusakül, Inter: qualifier » ♂♀ larva Inter: t- » vo|musakalarvat

  • Inter: trans-botto » m
    Inter: trans-top » insect of the family Muscidae
    • Albanian: Inter: t+ » sq|mizë|f
    • Amuzgo: Inter: tø » amu|kíchôⁿ
    • Arabic: Inter: t- » ar|ذبابة|f|tr=ḏubāba
    • Armenian: Inter: t- » hy|ճանճ|tr=č̣anč̣
    • Aromanian: Inter: t- » rup|muscã|f
    • Asturian: Inter: t+ » ast|mosca|f
    • Aymara: Inter: t- » ay|chichillanka
    • Azeri: Inter: t+ » az|milçək
    • Basque: Inter: t- » eu|euli
    • Belarusian: Inter: t- » be|муха|f|tr=múxa|sc=Cyrl
    • Bengali: Inter: t- » bn|মাছি|tr=māchi|sc=Beng
    • Berber:
    • : Tashelhit: Inter: tø » shi|izi|m
    • Bulgarian: Inter: t+ » bg|муха|f|tr=múha|sc=Cyrl
    • Catalan: Inter: t+ » ca|mosca|f
    • Chamicuro: Inter: tø » ccc|kasamelo
    • Cherokee: Inter: t- » chr|ᏛᎦ|tr=dvga|sc=Cher
    • Chichewa: Inter: tø » ny|ntchenche
    • Chinese:
    • : Mandarin: Inter: t+ » cmn|蒼蠅|sc=Hani, Inter: t+ » cmn|苍蝇|tr=cāngyíng|sc=Hani, Inter: t+ » cmn|蠅|sc=Hani, Inter: t+ » cmn|蝇|tr=yíng|sc=Hani
    • Czech: Inter: t+ » cs|moucha|f
    • Dalmatian: Inter: tø » dlm|muasca|f
    • Danish: Inter: t- » da|flue|c
    • Dutch: Inter: t+ » nl|vlieg|m
    • Erzya: Inter: tø » myv|карво|tr=karvo|sc=Cyrl
    • Esperanto: Inter: t- » eo|muŝo
    • Estonian: Inter: t+ » et|kärbes, Inter: t- » et|kärbest|p
    • Faroese: Inter: t- » fo|fluga|f
    • Finnish: Inter: t+ » fi|kärpänen
    • French: Inter: t+ » fr|mouche|f
    • Friulian: Inter: tø » fur|mosčhe|f
    • Galician: Inter: t+ » gl|mosca|f
    • Georgian: Inter: t- » ka|ბუზი|tr=buzi|sc=Geor
    • German: Inter: t+ » de|Fliege|f
    • Greek: Inter: t+ » el|μύγα|f|tr=mýga|sc=Grek
    • : Ancient: Inter: tø » grc|μυῖα|sc=polytonic
    • Guaraní: Inter: t- » gn|mberu
    • Hebrew: Inter: t+ » he|זבוב|m|tr=zvuv|sc=Hebr
    • Hindi: Inter: t- » hi|मक्खी|f|tr=makkhī|sc=Deva
    • Hungarian: Inter: t+ » hu|légy
    • Icelandic: Inter: t+ » is|fluga|f
    • Igbo: Inter: tø » ig|ijiji
    • Ilocano: Inter: tø » ilo|ngilaw
    • Indonesian: Inter: t+ » id|lalat, Inter: t+ » id|laler, Inter: t+ » id|langau
    • Interlingua: Inter: t- » ia|musca
    • Irish: Inter: t+ » ga|cuileog|f
    • Isthmus Zapotec: Inter: tø » zai|bialazi
    • Italian: Inter: t+ » it|mosca|f
    • Japanese: Inter: t+ » ja|蝿|tr=はえ, hae|sc=Jpan, Inter: t- » ja|ハエ|tr=hae|sc=Jpan
    • Javanese: Inter: t- » jv|laler
    • Jèrriais: Inter: tø » roa-jer|moûque
    • Karelian: Inter: tø » krl|kärbäine
    • Kazakh: Inter: t » kk|шыбын|tr=şıbın|sc=Cyrl
    • Khmer: Inter: t+ » km|រុយ|tr=ruj|sc=Khmr
    • Korean: Inter: t+ » ko|파리|tr=pari|sc=Kore
    • Kurdish: Inter: t+ » ku|mêş|f, Inter: t+ » ku|مێش|sc=ku-Arab
    • Kyrgyz: Inter: t- » ky|чымын|tr=çımın|sc=Cyrl
    • Lao: Inter: t- » lo|ມັກຂິກາ|tr=māk kʰí kaː|sc=Laoo
    • Latgalian: Inter: tø » ltg|myusa|f

    Inter: trans-mi » d
  • Latvian: Inter: t+ » lv|muša|f
  • Lithuanian: Inter: t+ » lt|musė|f
  • Macedonian: Inter: t- » mk|мува|f|tr=múva
  • Malagasy: Inter: t+ » mg|fihitra
  • Malay: Inter: t- » ms|lalat, Inter: t- » ms|langau, Inter: t- » ms|langau
  • Maltese: Inter: t- » mt|dubbiena|f
  • Maori: Inter: t- » mi|rango
  • Marathi: Inter: t- » mr|माशी|f|tr=māśī|sc=Deva
  • Mongolian: Inter: t- » mn|ялаа|tr=jalaa|sc=Cyrl
  • Nahuatl: Inter: t- » nah|zayolin
  • Navajo: Inter: tø » nv|tsʼíʼii, Inter: tø » nv|tséʼedǫ́ʼii
  • Norwegian: Inter: t- » no|flue|m|f
  • Occitan: Inter: t+ » oc|mosca|f
  • Old Church Slavonic:
  • : Cyrillic: Inter: tø » cu|мѹха|f|tr=muxa|sc=Cyrl
  • : Glagolitic: Inter: tø » cu|ⰏⰖⰘⰀ|f|tr=muxa|sc=Glag
  • Persian: Inter: t+ » fa|مگس|tr=magas
  • Polish: Inter: t+ » pl|mucha|f
  • Portuguese: Inter: t+ » pt|mosca|f
  • Quechua: Inter: t- » qu|chuspi
  • Rohingya: Inter: tø » rhg|masí
  • Romani: Inter: tø » rom|mach
  • Romanian: Inter: t+ » ro|muscă|f
  • Romansch: Inter: t- » rm|mustga|f, Inter: t- » rm|tschitta|f
  • Russian: Inter: t+ » ru|муха|f|tr=múxa
  • Santali: Inter: tø » sat|ᱨᱳ|tr=ro|sc=Olck
  • Sardinian: Inter: t- » sc|musca|f
  • Scottish Gaelic: Inter: t- » gd|cuileag|f
  • Serbo-Croatian:
  • : Cyrillic: Inter: t- » sh|мува|f|sc=Cyrl Inter: qualifier » Bosnia, Serbia, Inter: t- » sh|муха|f|sc=Cyrl Inter: qualifier » Croatia, Bosnia, Inter: qualifier » diminutive Inter: t- » sh|мушица|f
  • : Roman: Inter: t- » sh|muva|f Inter: qualifier » Bosnia, Serbia, Inter: t- » sh|muha|f Inter: qualifier » Croatia, Bosnia, Inter: qualifier » diminutive Inter: t- » sh|mušica|f
  • Slovak: Inter: t- » sk|mucha|f
  • Slovene: Inter: t+ » sl|muha|f
  • Sorbian:
  • : Lower Sorbian: Inter: tø » dsb|mucha|f
  • : Upper Sorbian: Inter: t- » hsb|mucha|f
  • Spanish: Inter: t+ » es|mosca|f
  • Swahili: Inter: t+ » sw|nzi
  • Swedish: Inter: t+ » sv|fluga|c
  • Tagalog: Inter: t- » tl|langaw
  • Tajik: Inter: t- » tg|магас|tr=magas|sc=Cyrl
  • Tamil: Inter: t+ » ta|ஈ|tr=ī
  • Taos: Inter: tø » twf|phų̀yu’úna
  • Telugu: Inter: t+ » te|ఈగ|tr=īga
  • Thai: Inter: t- » th|แมลงวัน|tr=maelong wan|sc=Thai
  • Tongan: Inter: t- » to|lango
  • Tupinambá: Inter: tø » tpn|mberu
  • Turkish: Inter: t+ » tr|sinek
  • Turkmen: Inter: t- » tk|siňek
  • Tz'utujil: Inter: tø » tzj|us
  • Ukrainian: Inter: t+ » uk|муха|f|tr=múxa|sc=Cyrl
  • Urdu: Inter: t- » ur|مکھی|f|tr=makkhī|sc=ur-Arab
  • Venetian: Inter: tø » vec|mósca|f
  • Vietnamese: Inter: t- » vi|con ruồi, Inter: t+ » vi|ruồi
  • Welsh: Inter: t- » cy|cleren|f
  • West Frisian: Inter: t- » fy|mich
  • Wolof: Inter: t+ » wo|weñ|alt=weñ wi
  • ǃXóõ: Inter: tø » nmn|gʘkxʻóõ

  • Inter: trans-botto » m
    Inter: trans-top » fishing lure
    • Chinese:
    • : Mandarin: Inter: t » cmn|鱼饵|tr=yu'er|sc=Hani
    • Danish: Inter: t- » da|flue|c
    • Finnish: Inter: t+ » fi|perho
    • French: Inter: t+ » fr|mouche|f
    • German: Inter: t+ » de|Fliege, Inter: t- » de|Fischköder|m
    • Icelandic: Inter: t- » is|fiskifluga|f
    • Macedonian: Inter: t- » mk|мушичка|f|tr=múšička

    Inter: trans-mi » d
  • Norwegian: Inter: t- » no|flue|m|f
  • Romanian: Inter: t- » ro|momeală|f
  • Russian: Inter: t+ » ru|блесна|f
  • Spanish: Inter: t+ » es|mosca|f
  • Swahili: Inter: t+ » sw|nzi
  • Swedish: Inter: t+ » sv|fluga|c
  • Turkish: Inter: t+ » tr|sinek

  • Inter: trans-botto » m
    Inter: ttbc-to » p
    • Inter: ttbc » sd: Inter: t+ » sd|مک|alt=مَکِ|sc=sd-Arab

    Inter: trans-botto » m

    Etymology 2

    From Inter: etyl » enm Inter: term » flien|lang=enm, from Inter: etyl » ang Inter: term » fleogan|flēogan|lang=ang, from Inter: etyl » gem-pro|en Inter: recons » fleuganan|lang=gem-pro, from Inter: etyl » ine-pro|en Inter: recons » pleu-k|lang=ine-pro- (cf. Lithuanian Inter: term » plaukti|plaũkti|lang=lt ‘to swim’), enlargement of Inter: recons » pleu|lang=ine-pro- ‘flow’. More at flow.


    Inter: en-verb » flies|flying|flew|flown|
  • Inter: intransitiv » e To travel through the air, another gas{{,}} or a vacuum, without being in contact with a grounded surface.
    1. : Birds of passage fly to warmer regions as it gets colder in winter.
    2. : The Concorde flew from Paris to New York faster than any other passenger airplane.
    3. : It takes about eleven hours to fly from Frankfurt to Hongkong.
    4. : The little fairy flew home on the back of her friend, the giant eagle.
    5. Inter: intransitiv » e Inter: archai » c Inter: poeti » c To flee, to escape.
    6. : Fly, my lord! The enemy are upon us!
    7. Inter: transitive » ergative To cause to fly Inter: gloss » travel by air or the like: to transport via air or the like.
    8. : Charles Lindbergh flew his airplane The Spirit of St. Louis across the Atlantic ocean.
    9. : Why don’t you go outside and fly kites, kids? The wind is just perfect.
    10. : Birds fly their prey to their nest to feed it to their young.
    11. : Each day the post flies thousands of letters around the globe.
    12. : Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly. - G. K. Chesterton
    13. Inter: intransitiv » e Inter: colloquial » of a proposal, project or idea To be accepted, come about or work out.
    14. : Lets see if that idea flies.''
    15. : You know, I just dont think that's going to fly. Why don't you spend your time on something better?''
    16. Inter: intransitiv » e To travel very fast.
    17. Inter: quote-news »

    |date=September 18
    |author=Ben Dirs
    |title=Rugby World Cup 2011: England 41-10 Georgia
    |work=BBC Sport
    |passage=After yet another missed penalty by Kvirikashvili from bang in front of the posts, England scored again, centre Tuilagi flying into the line and touching down under the bar.
    * Inter: sense » travel through air soar, hover, wing, skim, glide, ascend, rise, float, aviate
    • Inter: sense » flee escape, flee, abscond
      * Inter: sense » travel through air walk
    • Inter: sense » flee remain, stay
      Derived terms
      Inter: der-top » Terms derived from the verb to fly
    • fly a kite
    • fly-by-night
    • fly into a rage
    • fly like a bird
    • fly like a rock

    Inter: der-mi » d
  • fly like the wind
  • fly off the handle
  • fly out the window
  • on the fly
  • overfly

  • Inter: der-botto » m
    Inter: trans-top » to travel through air
    • Albanian: Inter: t- » sq|fluturon
    • Arabic: Inter: t+ » ar|طار|tr=Taara
    • Aramaic:
    • : Syriac: Inter: tø » syc|ܦܪܚ|tr=praħ|sc=Syrc
    • Armenian: Inter: t- » hy|թռնել|tr=t'ṙnel, Inter: t- » hy|թռչել|tr=t'ṙčel
    • Aromanian: Inter: t- » rup|azboair
    • Asturian: Inter: t- » ast|volar
    • Basque: Inter: t+ » eu|hegan egin
    • Bengali: Inter: t- » bn|ওড়া|tr=ōḍā|sc=Beng
    • Burmese: Inter: t+ » my|ပျံ|tr=pyan|sc=Mymr
    • Catalan: Inter: t+ » ca|volar
    • Chinese:
    • : Mandarin: Inter: t » cmn|飛|sc=Hani, Inter: t » cmn|飞|tr=fēi|sc=Hani, Inter: t » cmn|飛行|sc=Hani, Inter: t » cmn|飞行|tr=fēixíng|sc=Hani
    • Czech: Inter: t+ » cs|letět, Inter: t+ » cs|létat
    • Danish: Inter: t- » da|flyve
    • Dutch: Inter: t+ » nl|vliegen
    • Esperanto: Inter: t- » eo|flugi
    • Estonian: Inter: t- » et|lendama
    • Faroese: Inter: t- » fo|flúgva, Inter: qualifier » archaic Inter: t- » fo|fljúgva
    • Finnish: Inter: t+ » fi|lentää
    • French: Inter: t+ » fr|voler
    • Friulian: Inter: tø » fur|svolâ
    • Galician: Inter: t+ » gl|voar
    • Inter: trreq » Georgian
    • German: Inter: t+ » de|fliegen
    • Greek: Inter: t+ » el|πετώ|tr=petó|sc=Grek
    • Hebrew: Inter: t+ » he|טס, Inter: t+ » he|עף|tr=af|sc=Hebr
    • Hindi: Inter: t- » hi|उड़ना|tr=uṛnā|sc=Deva
    • Hungarian: Inter: t+ » hu|repül
    • Icelandic: Inter: t+ » is|fljúga
    • Ido: Inter: t+ » io|flugar
    • Indonesian: Inter: t+ » id|terbang
    • Interlingua: Inter: t- » ia|volar
    • Irish: Inter: t- » ga|eitil
    • Italian: Inter: t+ » it|volare
    • Japanese: Inter: t+ » ja|飛ぶ|tr=とぶ, tobu|sc=Jpan
    • Javanese: Inter: t+ » jv|kabur, Inter: t- » jv|laler
    • Jèrriais: Inter: tø » roa-jer|voler
    • Korean: Inter: t+ » ko|날다|tr=nalda|sc=Kore
    • Kurdish: Inter: t+ » ku|firrîn, Inter: t- » ku|فڕین|sc=ku-Arab
    • Lao: Inter: t- » lo|ເຫາະ|tr=hö'
    • Latgalian: Inter: tø » ltg|skrīt, Inter: tø » ltg|skraideit
    • Latin: Inter: t+ » la|volo

    Inter: trans-mi » d
  • Latvian: Inter: t+ » lv|lidot
  • Lithuanian: Inter: t+ » lt|skristi, Inter: t- » lt|skraidyti
  • Macedonian: Inter: t- » mk|лета|tr=léta
  • Malay:
  • : Rumi: Inter: t- » ms|terbang
  • : Jawi: Inter: t- » ms|تربڠ|sc=Arab
  • Nahuatl: Inter: t+ » nah|patlāna
  • Norwegian:
  • : Bokmål: Inter: t+ » nb|fly, Inter: t- » nb|flyge
  • : Nynorsk: Inter: t- » nn|fly, Inter: t- » nn|flyge
  • Occitan: Inter: t+ » oc|volar
  • Pashto: Inter: t+ » ps|الوتل|tr=alwatəl|sc=ps-Arab
  • Persian: Inter: t+ » fa|پرواز کردن|tr=parvâz kardan|sc=fa-Arab
  • Pipil: Inter: tø » ppl|patani
  • Polish: Inter: t+ » pl|latać
  • Portuguese: Inter: t+ » pt|voar
  • Rapa Nui: Inter: tø » rap|rere
  • Rohingya: Inter: tø » rhg|uro
  • Romani: Inter: tø » rom|ural
  • Romanian: Inter: t+ » ro|zbura
  • Romansch: Inter: t- » rm|sgular, Inter: t- » rm|svular, Inter: t- » rm|svuler
  • Russian: Inter: t+ » ru|лететь|tr=letét’, Inter: t+ » ru|перелетать|tr=pereletát’ Inter: qualifier » birds
  • Sardinian: Inter: t- » sc|bobai, Inter: t- » sc|bolare, Inter: t- » sc|bolai, Inter: t- » sc|volare, Inter: t- » sc|borai
  • Scottish Gaelic: Inter: t- » gd|itealaich, Inter: t- » gd|dèan iteag, Inter: t- » gd|falbh air iteig
  • Serbo-Croatian:
  • : Cyrillic: Inter: t- » sh|летети / Inter: t- » sh|летјети
  • : Roman: Inter: t- » sh|leteti / Inter: t- » sh|letjeti
  • Sicilian: Inter: t+ » scn|vulari
  • Slovak: Inter: t- » sk|lietať
  • Slovene: Inter: t+ » sl|leteti
  • Spanish: Inter: t+ » es|volar
  • Swahili: Inter: t+ » sw|nzi
  • Swedish: Inter: t+ » sv|flyga
  • Tagalog: Inter: t- » tl|lumipad
  • Tajik: Inter: t- » tg|паридан|tr=paridan|sc=Cyrl
  • Thai: Inter: t+ » th|บิน|tr=bin
  • Turkish: Inter: qualifier » aircraft Inter: t+ » tr|gitmek, Inter: t+ » tr|uçmak
  • Urdu: Inter: t- » ur|اڑنا|tr=uṛnā|sc=ur-Arab
  • Vietnamese: Inter: t+ » vi|bay
  • Volapük: Inter: t+ » vo|flitön
  • Welsh: Inter: t+ » cy|hedfan
  • West Frisian: Inter: t+ » fy|fleane

  • Inter: trans-botto » m
    Inter: trans-top » to flee
    • Chinese:
    • : Mandarin: Inter: t » cmn|逃跑|tr=táopǎo|sc=Hani
    • Danish: Inter: t+ » da|fly
    • Faroese: Inter: t- » fo|flýggja
    • German: Inter: t+ » de|fliehen, Inter: t+ » de|flüchten
    • Greek: Inter: t+ » el|πετώ|tr=petó̱|sc=Grek
    • Icelandic: Inter: t+ » is|flýja
    • Macedonian: Inter: t- » mk|бега|tr=béga, Inter: t- » mk|пребегува|tr=prebéguva
    • Norwegian: Inter: t+ » no|fly

    Inter: trans-mi » d
  • Pashto: Inter: t+ » ps|الوتل|tr=alwatəl|sc=ps-Arab
  • Russian: Inter: t+ » ru|спасаться|tr=spasát’sja, Inter: t+ » ru|сбегать|tr=sbegát’, Inter: t+ » ru|убегать|tr=ubegát’ (run)
  • Spanish: Inter: t+ » es|huir
  • Swahili: Inter: t+ » sw|nzi
  • Swedish: Inter: t+ » sv|fly
  • Turkish: Inter: t+ » tr|kaçmak
  • Volapük: Inter: t+ » vo|fugön

  • Inter: trans-botto » m
    Inter: trans-top » to cause to travel through the air
    • Dutch: Inter: t+ » nl|besturen Inter: gloss » aircraft
    • Finnish: Inter: t+ » fi|lentää, Inter: t+ » fi|ohjata, Inter: t- » fi|lennättää
    • French: Inter: t+ » fr|piloter Inter: gloss » aircraft, Inter: t- » fr|faire voler Inter: gloss » kite
    • German: Inter: t+ » de|fahren Inter: gloss » zeppelin, baloon, Inter: t+ » de|fliegen Inter: gloss » aiplane, Inter: t- » de|fliegen lassen Inter: gloss » toys etc.
    • Japanese: Inter: t- » ja|飛ばす|tr=とばす, tobasu|sc=Jpan
    • Pashto: Inter: t+ » ps|الوتل|tr=alwatəl|sc=ps-Arab
    • Russian: Inter: t+ » ru|вести|tr=vestí Inter: gloss » flying vehicle, especially airplane, Inter: t+ » ru|транспортировать|tr=transportírovat’, Inter: t+ » ru|носить|tr=nosít’, Inter: t+ » ru|приносить|tr=prinosít’, Inter: t+ » ru|переносить|tr=perenosít’, Inter: t+ » ru|переправлять|tr=perepravlját’ Inter: gloss » to transport by air, Inter: t+ » ru|пускать|tr=puskát’ Inter: gloss » something light such as a kite; literally: to let go

    Inter: trans-mi » d
  • Spanish: Inter: t+ » es|volar, Inter: t- » es|hacer volar, Inter: t- » es|ir volando
  • Swahili: Inter: t+ » sw|nzi
  • Swedish: Inter: t+ » sv|flyga
  • Telugu: Inter: t- » te|ఎగరవేయు|tr=egaravaeyu
  • Turkish: Inter: gloss » aircraft Inter: t+ » tr|gitmek, Inter: t+ » tr|uçmak, Inter: gloss » baloon Inter: t+ » tr|seyahat etmek

  • Inter: trans-botto » m
    Inter: trans-top » to become accepted
    • Finnish: Inter: t+ » fi|lähteä lentoon, Inter: t+ » fi|tulla hyvksytyksi
    • Russian: Inter: t+ » ru|проходить|tr=proxodít’, Inter: t+ » ru|быть Inter: t+ » ru|принятый|alt=принятым|tr=byt’ prínjatym

    Inter: trans-mi » d
  • Swahili: Inter: t+ » sw|nzi

  • Inter: trans-botto » m

    Inter: checktrans-to » p
    • Inter: ttbc » sh: letjeti
    • Inter: ttbc » gn: veve
    • Inter: ttbc » ilo: agtayab

    Inter: trans-mi » d
  • Inter: ttbc » id: layang, melayang, menerbangkan
  • Inter: ttbc » ia: volar
  • Inter: ttbc » it: pilotare Inter: qualifier » airplane, far volare Inter: qualifier » kite
  • Inter: ttbc » tpn: bebé

  • Inter: trans-botto » m


    Inter: en-noun » flies
  • Inter: obsolet » e The action of flying; flight.
    1. An act of flying.
    2. : We had a quick half-hour fly back into the city.
    3. Inter: basebal » l A fly ball.
    4. Inter: historica » l A type of small, fast carriage.
    5. 1897, Bram Stoker, Dracula, Folio Society 2008, p. 124:
    6. : As we left the house in my fly, which had been waiting, Van Helsing said:— ‘Tonight I can sleep in peace ....’
    7. A piece of canvas that covers the opening at the front of a tent.
    8. A strip of material hiding the zipper, buttons etc. at the front of a pair of trousers, pants, or underpants.
    9. The free edge of a flag.
    10. The horizontal length of a flag.
    11. butterfly a form of swimming
    12. Inter: weightliftin » g Exercises that evolve wide opening and closing of the arms perpendicular to the shoulders
      Derived terms
      Inter: der-to » p

  • flyman
  • fly-coach

  • Inter: der-mi » d
    • fly system

    Inter: der-botto » m
    Inter: trans-top » act of flying
  • Chinese:
  • : Mandarin: Inter: t- » cmn|飛行|sc=Hani, Inter: t- » cmn|飞行|tr=fēixíng|sc=Hani
  • Finnish: Inter: t+ » fi|lento
  • Greek: Inter: t+ » el|πέταγμα|n|tr=pétagma|sc=Grek
  • Lithuanian: Inter: t- » lt|skrydis|m

  • Inter: trans-mi » d
    • Macedonian: Inter: t- » mk|летање|n|tr=létanje, Inter: t- » mk|лет|m|tr=let
    • Russian: Inter: t+ » ru|полёт|m|sc=Cyrl|tr=poljót
    • Spanish: Inter: t+ » es|vuelo|m
    • Swahili: Inter: t+ » sw|nzi
    • Turkish: Inter: t+ » tr|uçuş

    Inter: trans-botto » m
    Inter: trans-see » fly ball
    Inter: trans-top » type of small, fast carriage
    • Spanish: Inter: t- » es|calesa|f

    Inter: trans-mi » d
  • Swahili: Inter: t+ » sw|nzi

  • Inter: trans-botto » m
    Inter: trans-top » piece of canvas that covers the opening of a tent
    • Norwegian: Inter: t+ » no|gylf|m
    • Russian: Inter: t+ » ru|полог|m

    Inter: trans-mi » d
  • Swahili: Inter: t+ » sw|nzi

  • Inter: trans-botto » m
    Inter: trans-top » strip that hides the opening of trousers/pants or underpants
    • Chinese:
    • : Mandarin: 褲子的拉鏈, 裤子的拉链 (kùzi de lāliàn), Inter: qualifier » slang Inter: t- » cmn|褲門|sc=Hani, Inter: t- » cmn|裤门|tr=kùmén|sc=Hani
    • Danish: Inter: t- » da|gylp|c
    • Dutch: Inter: t+ » nl|gulp|f
    • Faroese: Inter: t- » fo|splitta
    • Finnish: Inter: t+ » fi|sepalus
    • French: Inter: t+ » fr|braguette|f
    • German: Inter: t+ » de|Hosenschlitz|m
    • Icelandic: Inter: t- » is|rennilás|m
    • Japanese: Inter: qualifier » slang Inter: t- » ja|社会の窓|tr=shakai no mado|sc=Jpan
    • Norwegian: Inter: t- » no|glidelås|m, Inter: t+ » no|gylf|m

    Inter: trans-mi » d
  • Polish: Inter: t+ » pl|rozporek|m
  • Portuguese: Inter: t+ » pt|braguilha|f, Inter: t+ » pt|zíper|m
  • Romanian: Inter: t- » ro|fermoar|n
  • Russian: Inter: t+ » ru|ширинка|f|tr=širínka
  • Scottish Gaelic: Inter: t- » gd|spaidhir|f
  • Serbo-Croatian:
  • : Cyrillic: Inter: t- » sh|шлиц|m
  • : Roman: Inter: t- » sh|šlic|m
  • Skolt Sami: Inter: tø » sms|brålleǩ
  • Spanish: Inter: t- » es|bragueta|f
  • Swahili: Inter: t+ » sw|nzi
  • Swedish: Inter: t+ » sv|gylf|c

  • Inter: trans-botto » m
    Inter: trans-top » free edge of a flag
    • Finnish: Inter: t- » fi|liehureuna

    Inter: trans-mi » d
  • Swahili: Inter: t+ » sw|nzi

  • Inter: trans-botto » m
    Inter: trans-top » horizontal length of a flag
    • Finnish: Inter: t+ » fi|leveys

    Inter: trans-mi » d
  • Swahili: Inter: t+ » sw|nzi

  • Inter: trans-botto » m


    Inter: en-verb » flies|flying|flied|flied
  • Inter: intransitive » baseball To hit a fly ball; to hit a fly ball that is caught for an out. Compare ground (verb) and line (verb).
    1. : Jones flied to right in his last at-bat.
      Inter: trans-top » to hit a flyball

  • Finnish: Inter: t- » fi|lyödä kaaripallo

  • Inter: trans-mi » d
    • Swahili: Inter: t+ » sw|nzi

    Inter: trans-botto » m

    Etymology 3

    Origin uncertain; probably from the verb or noun.


    Inter: en-adj » fli|er
  • Inter: slang » dated Quick-witted, alert, mentally sharp, smart (in a mental sense).
    1. : be assured, O man of sin—pilferer of small wares and petty larcener—that there is an eye within keenly glancing from some loophole contrived between accordions and tin breastplates that watches your every movement, and is " fly,"— to use a term peculiarly comprehensible to dishonest minds—to the slightest gesture of illegal conveyancing. (Charles Dickens, "Arcadia"; Household Words Vol.7 p.381)
    2. Inter: slan » g Well dressed, smart in appearance.
    3. : Hes pretty fly for a white guy.''
    4. Inter: slan » g Beautiful; displaying physical beauty.
      Inter: trans-top » quick-witted

  • Finnish: Inter: t+ » fi|fiksu Inter: qualifier » colloquial, Inter: t+ » fi|terävä
  • German: Inter: t+ » de|clever, Inter: t+ » de|smart

  • Inter: trans-mi » d
    • Russian: Inter: t+ » ru|сообразительный
    • Spanish: Inter: t+ » es|listo, Inter: t+ » es|vivo, Inter: t+ » es|pillo, Inter: t+ » es|astuto

    Inter: trans-botto » m
    Inter: trans-top » well dressed
    • Finnish: Inter: t- » fi|tyylikäs
    • German: Inter: t+ » de|smart
    • Polish: Inter: t- » pl|odwalony|m

    Inter: trans-mi » d
  • Russian: Inter: t+ » ru|нарядный, Inter: t+ » ru|яркий
  • Turkish: Inter: t+ » tr|şık

  • Inter: trans-botto » m
    Category: Category:1000 English basic words -
    Category: Category:English ergative verbs -
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    Category: Category:en:Insects -


    Etymology 1

    From Inter: etyl » no|da Inter: term » fly|lang=no, an abbreviation of Inter: term » flyvemaskin||airplane|lang=no.


    Inter: da-noun » et
  • airplane
    * flyvemaskine {{c}}
    • flyver {{c}}
      Inter: da-noun-infl » et

      Etymology 2

      From Inter: etyl » non|da Inter: term » flýja||flee|lang=non.


      Inter: head » da|verb|imperative|fly|present|flyr|or|flyer|past|flyede|past participle|flyet|present participle|flyende

  • flee
    1. shun

      Etymology 3

      From late Inter: etyl » non|da Inter: term » fligja|lang=non, Inter: term » flygja|lang=non, from Inter: etyl » gml|da Inter: term » vlien|vlīen|lang=gml, Inter: term » vligen|vlīgen|stack, sort out|lang=gml.


      Inter: head » da|verb|imperative|fly|present|flyr|or|flyer|past|flyede|past participle|flyet|present participle|flyende

  • hand, give

  • Norwegian


    * Inter: IPA » /fɽyː/|lang=no or Inter: IPA » /flyː/|lang=no


    Inter: head » no|noun
  • airplane


    Inter: no-noun-infl » nb-class=n1|nn-class=n1


    Inter: no-verb-4 » fly

  • to fly

  • Swedish


    From Inter: etyl » non|sv Inter: term » flýja|lang=non, from Inter: etyl » gem-pro|sv Inter: recons » fleuhanan|lang=gem-pro.


    * Inter: audio » Sv-fly.ogg|audio


    Inter: head » sv|verb
  • to flee, to run away, to escape
    1. : Fångarna försökte fly från fängelset.
    2. :: The prisoners tried to escape from jail.
    3. : Med tårarna strömmande ned för sina kinder flydde hon undan de andra tjejernas glåpord.
    4. :: With tears streaming down her cheeks, she fled the taunting words of the other girls.
    5. to pass, to go by (of time)
    6. 1964, Gunnel Vallquist, title of the new Swedish translation of Proust's À la recherche du temps perdu
    7. : På spaning efter den tid som flytt
    8. :: In Search of Lost Time
    9. 1965, Category: w - :Sven-Ingvars|Sven-Ingvars, Börja om från början
    10. : Varför ska man sörja tider som har flytt?
    11. :: Why should one feel sorry for times that have past?


      Inter: sv-conj-wk » fly|end=vw

      Related terms

      * flykt

  • flykting

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