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[V] (Lining): invest, cover, envelope, lap, involve, enwrap, wrap, fold up, wrap up, overlap, sheath, swathe, swaddle, vest, clothe, drape, robe, enrobe, attire, fit out, deck, ornament.

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fold up
v 1: bend or lay so that one part covers the other; "fold up the
newspaper"; "turn up your collar" [syn: {fold}, {turn up}]
[ant: {unfold}]
2: become folded or folded up; "The bed folds in a jiffy" [syn:

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Inter: also » foldup



fold up
  • Inter: idiomati » c To make or become more compact by folding.
    1. : Please fold up these towels so they will fit on the shelf
    2. Inter: idiomati » c To go out of business.
    3. : That place folded up years ago.
    4. : If anyone asks questions, theyll fold up faster than a gypsy roofing company.''

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