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n [C] someone who people in a particular place admire very much because of something they have done// --Casey Jones is a well-known American folk hero.//

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32 Moby Thesaurus words for "folk hero":
big name, celebrity, constellation, cynosure, figure, galaxy,
great man, hero, heroine, idol, immortal, important person, lion,
luminaries, luminary, man of mark, master spirit, name, notability,
notable, person of note, personage, pleiad, pop hero, popular hero,
popular idol, public figure, social lion, somebody, star,
superstar, worthy

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a person that people in a particular place admire because of sth special they have done

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  • Culture. A hero, in reality or mythology, who is loathed by the rich and powerful but idolized by the common people, often stealing from or rebelling against the former to make life better for the latter.
    1. : Convicted killer Devin Moore is considered a folk hero by the disillusioned youth and the gaming populace.


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