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3. The movable swing frame of a loom, carrying the reed for
separating the warp threads and beating up the weft; --
called also {lay} and {batten}.

{Blanchard lathe}, a lathe for turning irregular forms after
a given pattern, as lasts, gunstocks, and the like.

{Drill lathe}, or {Speed lathe}, a small lathe which, from
its high speed, is adapted for drilling; a hand lathe.

{Engine lathe}, a turning lathe in which the cutting tool has
an automatic feed; -- used chiefly for turning and boring
metals, cutting screws, etc.

{Foot lathe}, a lathe which is driven by a treadle worked by
the foot.

{Geometric lathe}. See under {Geometric}

{Hand lathe}, a lathe operated by hand; a power turning lathe
without an automatic feed for the tool.

{Slide lathe}, an engine lathe.

{Throw lathe}, a small lathe worked by one hand, while the
cutting tool is held in the other.