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[V] (Cheapness): be cheap, cost little, get for a song, get one's money's worth.

[ADV] (Cheapness): for a song, at cost, at a discount, at firesale prices.

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for a song
adv : for a relatively small amount of money; "we bought the house
for a song" [syn: {for a bargain price}, {at a low

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Inter: en-adv » head=for a song|-
  • Almost free. Very cheap
    1. : I had to buy it there and then. They were selling it for a song.
    2. 1919, Category: w - :William Somerset Maugham|W. Somerset Maugham, Category: w - :The Moon and Sixpence|The Moon and Sixpence, Category: s - :The Moon and Sixpence/Chapter XLVIII|chapter 48
    3. :They remembered then that they could have bought for a song canvases which now were worth large sums, and they could not forgive themselves for the opportunity which had escaped them.


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