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Inter: head » en|adverb|head=for all intensive purposes
  • Inter: idiomatic » US|nonstandard Misconstruction of “for all intents and purposes”.for all intensive purposes” in Common Errors in English, by Paul BriansActionGrammar by Joanne Feierman (found in the chapter “Mistakes Your Boss Minds the Most”, in the section “Twenty More Language Pet Peeves”, on page 26, and also listed on page 212)The Dictionary of Disagreeable English by Fiske, page 136“to all intents and purposes” Mark Israel’s AUE FAQ (September 1997)The Broadview Guide to Writing by Doug Babington & Don LePan, page 241 (3rd Ed., 2005)The How of WOW: A Guide to Giving a Speech That Will Positively Blow ‛Em Away by Tony Carlson, page 159 (2005)Write Right!: A Desktop Digest of Punctuation, Grammar, and Style by Jan Venolia, page 112 (2001)Anguished English: An Anthology of Accidental Assaults Upon the English Language by Richard Lederer, page 178 (2006)“intensive purposes” in The Eggcorn Database (version 0·5), by Chris Waigl


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    Usage notes

    * Though this phrase has become common in some English-speaking communities, it is still widely Category: Appendix - :Glossary#proscribed|proscribed as a misconstrued version of for all intents and purposes.

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    * eggcorn
    • malapropism
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      * for all intended purposes
    • for all intense and purposes
    • for all intense purposes
    • for all intrinsic purposes


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