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(pl) fuci

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Oogonium \O`["o]*go"ni*um\, n.; pl. L. {O["o]gonia}, E.
{O["o]goniums}. [NL., fr. Gr. w,'o`n an egg + ? offspring.]
A special cell in certain cryptogamous plants containing
o["o]spheres, as in the rockweeds ({Fucus}), and the orders
{Vaucherie[ae]} and {Peronospore[ae]}.

Fucus \Fu"cus\, n.; pl. {Fuci}. [L. rock lichen, orchil, used as
a red dye, red or purple color, disguise, deceit.]
1. A paint; a dye; also, false show. [Obs.]

2. (Bot.) A genus of tough, leathery seaweeds, usually of a
dull brownish green color; rockweed.

Note: Formerly most marine alg? were called fuci.

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n : any member of the genus Fucus
[also: {fuci} (pl)]

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Category: Image - :Fucus serratus2.jpg|thumb|right|Fucus serratus


Inter: etyl » grc|mul Inter: term » φῦκος|sc=polytonic|tr=phŷkos||seaweed.

Proper noun

  • Inter: taxon » genus|family|Fucaceae|the brown alga


    Inter: top » 2
    • Fucus ceranoides
    • Fucus chalonii
    • Fucus cottonii
    • Fucus distichus
    • Fucus evanescens
    • Fucus gardneri
    • Fucus nereideus

    Inter: mid » 2
  • Fucus serratus
  • Fucus spermophorus
  • Fucus spiralis
  • Fucus tendo
  • Fucus vesiculosus
  • Fucus virsoides

  • Inter: botto » m

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    Inter: also » Fucus



    From Inter: etyl » la, from Inter: etyl » grc.


    Inter: en-noun » pl=fuci|pl2=fucuses
  • Any alga of the genus Fucus.

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