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City (pop., 1991: 126,000) and capital of the autonomous region of Madeira, Portugal. Lying on the S coast of Madeira island in the N. Atlantic, it is the center of industry, commerce, and communications for Madeira. It was founded in 1421 by the Portuguese navigator Joã o Gonç alves Zarco and later came under Spanish (1580-1640) and British (1807-14) control. The city's scenery and mild year-round climate attract many tourists.

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From Inter: term » funchal||field of fennels|lang=pt.


* Inter: a » Portugal Inter: IPA » /fũˈʃaɫ/|lang=pt
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  • Inter: homophones » funchal|lang=pt

    Proper noun

    Inter: pt-proper nou » n

  • a Portuguese city in the Inter: l » en|Madeira archipelago.

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    * Inter: l » pt|funchalense

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