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Gambier \Gam"bier\, n. [Malayan.]
(a) The inspissated juice of a plant ({Uncaria Gambir})
growing in Malacca. It is a powerful astringent, and,
under the name of {Terra Japonica}, is used for chewing
with the Areca nut, and is exported for tanning and
(b) Catechu. [Written also {gambeer} and {gambir}.]

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* Inter: a » Johor-Selangor Inter: IPA » /gambe(r)/|lang=ms
  • Inter: a » Riau-Lingga Inter: IPA » /gambɪ(r)/|lang=ms
  • Inter: rhymes » ambe(r)|be(r)|e(r)|lang=ms


    Inter: head » ms|noun

  • gambier Inter: gloss » Uncaria gambir


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