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Form of black Amer. music derived from 19th-cent. Pentecostal church services and from spiritual and blues singing. Recordings of Pentecostal preachers' sermons were immensely popular among American blacks in the 1920s. Taking the scriptural direction "Let everything that breathes praise the Lord" (Psalms, 150), Pentecostal churches welcomed timbrels, pianos, banjos, guitars, other stringed instruments, and even brass into their services. Choirs often featured the extremes of female vocal range in antiphonal counterpoint with the preacher's sermon. Other forms of gospel music have included the singing and acoustic-guitar playing of itinerant street preachers, and harmonizing male quartets, whose acts included dance routines and stylized costumes. Its principal composers and practitioners included T. A. Dorsey, who coined the term; the Rev. C. A. Tindley (1851-1933); the blind wandering preacher Rev. Gary Davis (1896-1972); Sister Rosetta Tharpe (1915-1973), whose performances took gospel into nightclubs and theaters in the 1930s; and M. Jackson. Gospel music was a significant influence on rhythm and blues and soul music, which have in turn strongly influenced contemporary gospel music.

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  • A type of African American religious music based on folk music melodies with the addition of elements of negro spiritual and jazz.


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