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adj an adjective which is gradable can be used in the comparative or superlative forms, or with words such as 'very' or 'fairly'// -- gradability/gre[hA366]d[hA353]b[hA366]l[hA369]ti/ n [U] //

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adj : capable of being graded (for quality or rank or size etc.)

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Inter: en-adj » -
  • Able to form degrees or grades.
    1. Inter: quote-book » passage=Hot and cold are gradable antonyms.|author=James R. Hurford, Brendan Heasley, Michael B. Smith|title=Semantics: A Coursebook|year=2007|url=


      * ungradable

      Derived terms

      * gradability


      Inter: en-nou » n

  • Inter: linguistic » s A word that can be inflected to specify the degree or grade of something.

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