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Grama grass \Gra"ma grass`\ [Sp. grama a sort of grass.] (Bot.)
The name of several kinds of pasture grasses found in the
Western United States, esp. the {Bouteloua oligostachya}.

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Mesquite \Mes*qui"te\, Mesquit \Mes*quit"\, n. [Sp. mezquite;
said to be a Mexican Indian word.] (Bot.)
A name for two trees of the southwestern part of North
America, the honey mesquite, and screw-pod mesquite.

{Honey mesquite}. See {Algaroba}
(b) .

{Screw-pod mesquite}, a smaller tree ({Prosopis pubescens}),
having spiral pods used as fodder and sometimes as food by
the Indians.

{Mesquite grass}, a rich native grass in Western Texas
({Bouteloua oligostachya}, and other species); -- so
called from its growing in company with the mesquite tree;
-- called also {muskit grass}, {grama grass}.

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grama grass
n : pasture grass of plains of South America and western North
America [syn: {grama}, {gramma}, {gramma grass}]