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56 Moby Thesaurus words for "grated":
barred, branny, cancellated, chalklike, chalky, comminute,
comminuted, crossbarred, crushed, detrital, detrited,
disintegrated, dusty, efflorescent, farinaceous, filigreed, fine,
flaky, floury, furfuraceous, gone to dust, gridded, ground,
impalpable, laced, lacelike, lacy, latticelike, levigated, mealy,
meshed, meshy, milled, mullioned, netlike, netted, netty, pestled,
plexiform, powdered, powdery, pulverant, pulverized, pulverulent,
reduced to powder, reticular, reticulate, reticulated, retiform,
scaly, scobicular, sharded, shredded, streaked, striped,

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[ADJ] (Crossing): crossing, crossed, matted, transverse, cross, cruciform, crucial, reticulated, grated, barred, streaked, textile.

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Grate \Grate\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Grated}; p. pr. &. vb. n.
To furnish with grates; to protect with a grating or
crossbars; as, to grate a window.

Grated \Grat"ed\, a. [From 2d {Grate}.]
Furnished with a grate or grating; as, grated windows.

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  • Produced by grating.
    1. : I topped my chili with grated cheese and my mango soufflé with grated orange rind.
    2. Furnished with a grate or grating.
    3. : grated windows


      * Greek: Inter: t+ » el|τριμμένος|tr=trimménos, Inter: t+ » el|ξυσμένος|tr=xysménos



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