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t on

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, th

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flashy, gaudy, gay, loud, showy (an)

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Hade \Hade\, n. (Geol. & Mining)
The deviation of a fault plane from the vertical.

Note: The direction of the hade is the direction toward which
the fault plane descends from an intersecting vertical

Hade \Hade\, n. [Cf. heald inclined, bowed down, G. halde
1. The descent of a hill. [Obs.]

2. (Mining) The inclination or deviation from the vertical of
any mineral vein.

Hade \Hade\, v. i. (Mining)
To deviate from the vertical; -- said of a vein, fault, or

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Etymology 1

From Inter: etyl » enm Inter: term » had|lang=enm, Inter: term » hed|lang=enm, Inter: term » hod|lang=enm, from Inter: etyl » ang Inter: term » had|hād|person, individual, character, individuality, degree, rank, order, office, holy office, condition, state, nature, character, form, manner, sex, race, family, tribe, choir|lang=ang, from Inter: etyl » gem-pro|en Inter: recons » haiduz||appearance, kind|lang=gem-pro, from Inter: etyl » ine-pro|en Inter: recons » (s)kāi-||light, bright, shining|lang=ine-pro. Cognate with Inter: etyl » osx|- Inter: term » hed|hēd|consition, rank|lang=osx, Inter: etyl » goh|- Inter: term » heit||person, personality, sex, condition, quality, rank|lang=goh, Inter: etyl » non|- Inter: term » heiðr|lang=non Inter: gloss » "honour, dignity"; > {{etyl|da|- Inter: term » hæder||honour|lang=da, Inter: etyl » sv|- Inter: term » heder||honour|lang=sv}}, Inter: etyl » got|- Inter: term » ||tr=haidus|way, manner|lang=got. Same as Inter: l » en|-hood.

Alternative forms

* Inter: l » en|had, Inter: l » en|haid Inter: qualifier » Scotland
  • Inter: l » en|hod, Inter: l » en|hode


    Inter: en-nou » n

  • Inter: obsolet » e Person (in all senses).
    1. Inter: obsolete » biological Sex; gender.
    2. Inter: context » Now|_|chiefly|_|dialectal|Scotland Order; estate; rank; degree; holy or religious orders.
    3. Inter: context » Now|_|chiefly|_|dialectal|Scotland State; condition; quality; kind.

      Etymology 2

      From Inter: etyl » enm Inter: term » hadien|lang=enm, Inter: term » hodien|lang=enm, from Inter: etyl » ang Inter: term » hadian|hādian|to ordain, consecrate|lang=ang, from Inter: etyl » ang Inter: term » had|hād|rank, order, office, holy office|lang=ang. See above.

      Alternative forms

      * Inter: l » en|hode


      Inter: en-verb » had|ing

  • Inter: transitive » obsolete To ordain; consecrate; admit to a religious order.
    Derived terms
    * Inter: l » en|haded
    • Inter: l » en|hading

      Etymology 3

      Origin uncertain. Perhaps from a dialectal form of Inter: term » head|lang=en.


      Inter: en-verb » had|ing

  • Inter: geolog » y To slope from the vertical


    Inter: en-nou » n

  • Inter: geolog » y The slope of a vein or fault from the vertical; the complement of the dip


    * DHEA
    • head, Head



    From Inter: etyl » non|da Inter: term » hata|lang=non.


    * Inter: IPA » /haːdə/|ˈhæːðə|lang=da
    • Inter: homophones » havde|lang=da


      Inter: da-verb » had|hade|hader|hadede|har|hadet

  • hate

  • Swedish


    * Inter: IPA » /ˈhaˌdɛ/|lang=sv


    Inter: head » sv|verb form
  • Inter: sv-verb-form-past » ha
    1. : Jag hade en katt en gång i tiden.
    2. :: I had a cat once.
    3. Inter: sv-verb-form-past » hava

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