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O.E. hond, from P.Gmc. *khanduz (cf. O.S., O.Fris., Du., Ger. hand, O.N. h?d, Goth. handus). The original O.E. plural handa was superseded in M.E. by handen, later hands. Meaning "person who does something with his hands" is from 1590, hence "hired workman" (1655) and "sailor in a ship's crew" (1669). Clock and watch sense is from 1575. Meaning "round of applause" is from 1838. The linear measure of 4 inches (originally 3) is from 1561, now used only in giving the height of horses. The meaning "playing cards held in one player's hand" is from 1630; that of "a round at a card game" is from 1622. The verb is from 1642. First hand, second hand, etc. (1439) are from the notion of something being passed down from hand to hand. Out of hand (1597) is opposite of in hand "under control" (c.1200). Hand over fist (1825) is suggestive of sailors and fishermen hauling in nets. Hands-on (adj.) is first recorded 1969; hands-off (adj.) is from 1902. Hand-jive is from 1958. Hand job is 1940s; hand-me-down as a modifier is first recorded 1874. To win something hands down (1867) is from horse racing, from a jockey's gesture of letting the reins go loose in an easy victory. To hand it to (someone) "acknowledge someone's ability" is slang from c.1906. Handy is from c.1310; handful was in O.E. Phrase on the one hand ... on the other hand is recorded from 1638, a fig. use of the physical sense of hand in reference to position on one side or the other side of the body (as in the lefthand side), which goes back to O.E. Hands up! as a command from a policeman, robber, etc., is from 1873. Hand-to-mouth is from 1509. ///

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n finger, fingernail, thumb// ----------//
1 part of body:
2 help:
3 control:
4 get out of hand:
5 on the other hand:
6 hands off:
7 in hand:
8 in the hands of somebody/in somebody's hands:
9 hands up:
10 at hand:
11 to hand:
12 on hand:
13 by hand:
14 (at) first hand:
15 (at) second/third/fourth hand:
16 at the hands of somebody:
17 get your hands on something:
18 lay your hands on something:
19 come to hand:
20 get your hands on somebody:
21 have a hand in something:
22 hand in hand:
23 have something/somebody on your hands:
24 be off your hands:
25 try your hand at (doing) something:
26 turn your hand to (doing) something:
27 out of hand:
28 hands down:
29 have your hands full:
30 good with your hands:
31 on either/every hand:
32 get your hands dirty:
33 keep your hand in:
34 hand in glove:
35 hand over fist:
36 a big hand:
37 all hands on deck:
38 worker:
39 cards:
40 clock:
41 writing:
42 somebody's hands are tied:
43 tie/bind somebody hand and foot:
44 can do something with one hand (tied) behind your back:
45 not do a hand's turn:
46 somebody's hand (in marriage):
47 horse: ----------// [Language: Old English; Origin:]//
1 PART OF BODY: [C] the part of your body at the end of your arm, including your fingers and thumb, that you use to hold things// --Go wash your hands.// --Steve gripped the steering wheel tightly with both hands.// --He held the pencil in his right hand .// -- In her hand was a tattered old photograph.// -- a small book, no bigger than the palm of my hand // -- She waved her hand to the crowd. // -- They were laughing and cheering and clapping their hands . // --The young couple were holding hands . // --The two leaders shook hands . // -- Marika took the child by the hand and led her away. // -- They all joined hands in a big circle. // --Sally sat with her hands folded in her lap.// -- Raise your hand if you know the answer. // -- I had to get down on my hands and knees and look under the settee. // --He was capable of killing a man with his bare hands .//
2 HELP: a hand// help with something - used in the following phrases// need/want a hand // --Do you need a hand packing?// give/lend (sb) a hand // --Can you give me a hand to lift this?// --If you get stuck, Denise is always willing to lend a hand.// I could do with a hand/use a hand (=it would be useful to have some help) // --We could certainly do with a hand.// a helping hand at help1 (9) see usage note help1 //
3 CONTROL: [singular, U] control, power, or influence that someone has// --The President has strengthened the hand of the gun lobby.// --This matter is too important to be left in the hands of (=in the control of) an inexperienced lawyer.// --a manager with a firm hand (=who controls things strictly) //
4 get out of hand: if a situation or person gets out of hand, they become impossible to control any longer// --The previously peaceful demonstration seemed to be getting out of hand.//
5 on the other hand: also on the one hand. .. on the other hand // used to give another opinion or fact that should be considered as well as the one you have just given// --I'd like to eat out, but on the other hand I should be trying to save money.//
6 hands off: spoken used to say that someone cannot have, take, or touch something// --Hey! Hands off that CD! It's mine!// --Tell your little brother to keep his hands off my car.// hands-off//
7 in hand: a) if something is in hand, it is being done or dealt with// --Plans are in hand to perform 'Oz' next semester.// --Lisa seemed to have things in hand by the time he returned.// job/task/matter etc in hand // --Our officers have to concentrate 100 per cent on the task in hand.// take sb in hand (=begin to deal with someone's problems etc) // b) BrE if you work a week, a month etc in hand, you do not get paid until after you have worked two weeks, two months etc// c) BrE if you have time, money etc in hand, you have it available// --I usually have a few days' leave in hand at the end of the year.// d) BrE if a team or player has a game in hand in a competition, they still have another game to play in which they could gain more points//
8 in the hands of sb/in sb's hands: being dealt with or cared for by someone// --The matter is in the hands of the police.// in good/safe/capable etc hands // --You can be sure your children are in good hands.// --The fear is that nuclear secrets could fall into the wrong hands .// a safe pair of hands at safe1 (11)//
9 hands up: a) with your arms straight up in the air - used especially to tell someone to do this as a sign that they will not attack you// --Hands up! You're under arrest!// --The men emerged from the building with their hands up.// b) used to tell people to put their arm straight up in the air if they know the answer to a question or want to say something// --Hands up if you agree with what Eric was saying.//
10 at hand: formal // a) likely to happen soon// --Recent economic performance suggests that a major crisis is at hand.// b) close to you and available to be used// --Don't worry, help is at hand !// c) needing to be dealt with now// --Peter turned his attention to the task at hand.//
11 to hand: BrE something that is to hand is close to you, so that you can reach it easily//
12 on hand: close by and ready when needed// --Our staff are always on hand to help.//
13 by hand: a) done or made by a person rather than a machine// --We had to wash our clothes by hand.// b) delivered by someone personally, rather than being sent through the post, emailed etc//
14 (at) first hand: if you know or experience something first hand, you have personal experience of it// --an opportunity to view at first hand the workings of the court//
15 (at) second/third/fourth hand: if you know something second, third etc hand, someone tells you about it, but you have no personal experience of it// --Until now, information has been second or third hand, but this news comes from someone who was there.//
16 at the hands of sb: caused or done by a particular person - used about something bad or unpleasant that someone does// --Anyone who suffered at the hands of care workers will be entitled to compensation.// --This is their third defeat at the hands of the world champions.//
17 get your hands on sth: informal to succeed in getting something// --She's only marrying him to get her hands on his money.//
18 lay your hands on sth: to find or get something// --I would read any book I could lay my hands on.//
19 come to hand: if something comes to hand, it is there for you to use - used especially about something that is there by chance// --They ran, picking up whatever weapons came to hand .//
20 get your hands on sb: spoken to catch someone you are angry with// --Just wait till I get my hands on you!//
21 have a hand in sth: to influence or be involved in something// --He scored one goal and had a hand in two others.//
22 hand in hand: a) (go) hand in hand// if two things go hand in hand, they are closely connected// --Wealth and power go hand in hand in most societies.// (go) hand in hand with// --They say that genius often goes hand in hand with madness.// b) if two people walk, stand etc hand in hand, they walk, stand etc while they are holding each other's hand// --They walked hand in hand in silence up the path.//
23 have sth/sb on your hands: to have a difficult job, problem, situation etc to deal with// --I'm afraid we have a murder on our hands, Inspector.//
24 be off your hands: if something or someone is off your hands, you are not responsible for them any more// --Once this problem is off our hands we can relax for a while.// take sb/sth off sb's hands// --She wants someone to take the kids off her hands occasionally.//
25 try your hand at (doing) sth: to try to do something you have not tried before// --John dreamed of being a writer and had tried his hand at poetry.//
26 turn your hand to (doing) sth: to do something well, even if it is the first time you have tried// --Larry's one of those men who can turn their hand to anything.//
27 out of hand: without even stopping to consider what someone has suggested, asked for etc// reject/dismiss/refuse etc sth out of hand // --Aromatherapy was dismissed out of hand by traditional doctors.//
28 hands down: easily// win (sth)/beat sb hands down // --Nigel always won hands down in any argument.//
29 have your hands full: to be very busy or too busy// --Can't it wait? I already have my hands full.//
30 good with your hands: skilful at making things//
31 on either/every hand: written on both sides or in every direction// --Thick forest stood on either hand.//
32 get your hands dirty: a) informal to do hard or dirty physical work - usually used in questions or negative statements// --It's not that the jobs aren't there, it's just that she doesn't want to get her hands dirty.// b) to get involved in the difficult, dishonest, or unpleasant side of something// --He never talked to the media or got his hands dirty in any way.//
33 keep your hand in: to do something that you used to do a lot, so you do not forget how to do it// --You should at least work part-time, just to keep your hand in.//
34 hand in glove: closely connected with someone, especially in a bad or illegal activity// --Far from being independent, the government and media work hand in glove.//
35 hand over fist: informal if you gain or lose something hand over fist, you gain or lose it very quickly// --Five years ago, the company was losing money hand over fist.//
36 a big hand: spoken used to tell the people who are watching a performance to clap or cheer loudly// --And now, a big hand for Ms Joan Rivers!// --Let's all give the girls a big hand .//
37 all hands on deck: also all hands to the pumps BrE informal used to say that everyone is needed to help in a particular situation// --With only half an hour to get everything ready, it was all hands on deck.//
38 WORKER: [C] someone who does physical work on a farm, factory, ship etc// --The farm hands slept in a narrow hut next to the barn.//
39 CARDS: [C] // a) the playing cards given to one person in a game// --a winning hand// b) a single game of cards// date, face, hand, strap//
40 CLOCK: [C] a long thin piece of metal that points at the numbers on a clock// hour/minute/second hand //
41 WRITING: [singular] old-fashioned someone's handwriting//
42 sb's hands are tied: if someone's hands are tied, they cannot help in a particular situation because of rules, laws etc// --The bank claims its hands are tied by federal regulators.//
43 tie/bind sb hand and foot: a) to tie up someone's hands and feet// b) to make it very difficult or impossible for someone to do what they think is best//
44 can do sth with one hand (tied) behind your back: spoken used to say that you can do something very easily//
45 not do a hand's turn: BrE old-fashioned informal to do no work at all//
46 sb's hand (in marriage): old-fashioned permission for a man to marry a particular woman// --He asked for her hand in marriage.//
47 HORSE: [C] a unit for measuring the height of a horse, equal to about 10 centimetres// cash-in-hand, freehand, hands-on, left-hand, right-hand, be an old hand (at sth) at old(17), bite the hand that feeds you at bite1 (15), have blood on your hands at blood1 (2), have your hands/fingers in the till at till2 (3), force sb's hand at force2 (7), overplay your hand at overplay(2), shake sb's hand/shake hands with sb at shake1 (4), wash your hands of sth at wash1 (5)// ----------// COLLOCATES for sense 1 // somebody's left/right hand // in somebody's hand // the palm of your hand (=the inside surface of your hand) // the back of your hand (=the outside surface of your hand) // wave your hand // clap your hands // hold hands (with somebody) // shake somebody's hand also shake hands (with somebody) (=as a greeting) // take somebody by the hand (=hold someone's hand in order to take them somewhere) // join hands (=take hold of someone's hand, for example in a dance) // clasp your hands (=hold them together tightly) // fold your hands (=put them together and rest them on something) // raise your hand also put your hand up British English (=lift your hand in the air, especially to show that you want to answer or ask a question) // on (your) hands and knees (=in a crawling position) // with your bare hands (=without using a tool, weapon, machine etc) // HINT sense 5 // Do not say 'on one hand'. Say on the one hand. // HINT sense 8 // Do not say 'in the hand of' someone. Say in the hands of someone. // ----------//
hand 2 v [T]
1 to give something to someone else with your hand: hand sb sth// --He handed the teacher a slip of paper.// hand sth to sb// --He lit a cigarette and handed it to her.// --This form must be handed to all employees.//
2 you have to hand it to sb: spoken used to say that you admire someone// --You have to hand it to her. She's really made a success of that company.// hand around [hand sth → around] phr v// to offer something to each person in a group// --Willie helped hand the mugs around.// hand back [hand sth → back] phr v//
1 to give something back to the person who gave it to you, with your hand: hand something → back to// --Kurt examined the document and handed it back to her.// hand sb sth → back// --She handed him his pen back.//
2 to give something back to the person who used to own it: hand something → back to// --The land was handed back to its original owner.// hand sb sth → back// --The government has promised to hand investors back their money.// hand down [hand sth → down] phr v//
1 to give or leave something to people who will live after you: hand something → down to// --The ring was handed down to her from her grandmother.// --stories handed down by word of mouth// hand-me-down//
2 hand down a decision/ruling/sentence etc: to officially announce a decision, punishment etc// hand in [hand sth → in] phr v// to give something to someone in authority// --Tom has handed in his resignation.// --Did you hand your homework in on time?// hand on [hand sth → on] phr v// to give something to someone, for example because you no longer need it// --The clock was handed on from Kevin's father.// --He was accused of handing on government secrets.// hand out [hand sth → out] phr v// to give something to each person in a group// distribute// --Could you start handing these books out please?// hand something → out to// --He was handing out leaflets to members of the audience.// handout// hand over phr v//
1 hand sth → over: to give something to someone with your hand, especially because they have asked for it or should have it// --The soldiers were ordered to hand over their guns.// hand something → over to// --He handed the phone over to me.//
2 to give someone power or responsibility over something which you used to be in charge of: hand sth → over (to sb)// --On his retirement, he handed the business over to his son.// --Political control has been handed over to religious leaders.// hand over to// --Now she feels the time has come to hand over to someone else.//

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Have A Nice Day (Slang)

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hånd at Danish => English Of Explained:


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hand at German => English Of Explained:

hand, hands

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, ex

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Have A Nice Day (slang, Usenet, IRC) From VERA

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End part of the arm, consisting of the wrist joint, palm, thumb, and fingers. The hand has great mobility and flexibility to carry out precise movements. Bipedal locomotion in humans frees the hands for grasping and manipulation. The opposable thumb allows them to pick up small items and grip objects from both sides. Dexterity in the hands and increased brain size are believed to have evolved together in humans.

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4 shi4 jian4Tian'anmen incident of 4th Jun 1989Lu4 an1(N) Lu'an (city in Anhui)Lu4 an1 di4 qu1(N) Lu'an dist

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517 Moby Thesaurus words for "hand":
Adamite, John Hancock, X, abalienate, accessible, acclaim,
acclamation, accomplished fact, accomplishment, ace, achievement,
act, acta, action, administration, adventure, agency, aid, alien,
alienate, amortize, angle, appendage, applause, approaching, arm,
arrow, aspect, assign, assist, assistance, at hand, auspices,
authority, autograph, autography, bakehead, bank, barter, beam,
being, bequeath, best bower, big hand, black gang, blaze, blow,
blue-collar worker, body, boilerman, boost, border, bough, bower,
branch, breadwinner, broadside, buck, bungs, burst of applause,
cabin boy, calligraphy, cards, care, casual, casual laborer, cat,
cede, chap, character, charge, cheek, cheer, chips, chirography,
chop, christcross, cipher, circulate, clap, clapping,
clapping of hands, claws, close, close by, closely, clubs,
clutches, coast, come across with, comfort, command,
commissary steward, common laborer, compass needle, complement,
confer, connivingly, consign, control, convenient, convey,
countermark, countersign, countersignature, counterstamp, coup,
creature, cross, cure, custodianship, custody, customer,
day laborer, deal out, dealings, deck, deckhand, deckie, deed,
deed over, deliver, deliver over, demise, deuce, device,
devolve upon, diamonds, digits, direction, direction post,
disburse, dish out, dispense, disposal, disposition, disseminate,
distribute, doing, doings, dole out, domination, dominion, duck,
dummy, earthling, easily, eclat, effort, effortlessly, empery,
empire, employee, encore, endeavor, endorsement, enfeoff,
enterprise, exchange, exploit, face cards, facet, factory worker,
fait accompli, fangs, feat, feed, fellow, find, finger post,
fingernails, fingers, fireman, fist, flank, flush, fork over,
forward, free lance, free-lancer, full house, full-time worker,
gest, give, give in, give out, give over, give title to, give up,
go, governance, government, graphanalysis, graphology, graphometry,
grasp, grip, gripe, groundling, guardianship, guidance, guide,
guideboard, guidepost, gun loader, gunner, guy, hand, hand down,
hand in, hand in glove, hand in hand, hand on, hand out, hand over,
handclap, handclapping, handedness, handiwork, hands, hands down,
handwriting, handy, haunch, head, hearts, helm, help, helping hand,
hip, hold, homo, hooks, hospital steward, hour hand, human,
human being, imminent, imp, in cahoots, in collusion, in league,
index, index finger, indicator, individual, industrial worker,
influence, initials, intimately, involvement, iron hand, jack,
jaws, job, jobber, jobholder, joint, jointly, joker, jowl,
jurisdiction, keeping, king, knave, laborer, laboring man,
landing signalman, laterality, lead, left bower, leg, leg up, life,
lift, like mad, limb, link, living soul, lobe, lobule, lubber line,
mail orderly, make over, man, management, mandibles, maneuver,
manuscript, many-sidedness, mark, mark of signature, mastership,
mastery, maxillae, measure, meathooks, member, menial, mete out,
migrant, milepost, ministry, minute hand, mitts, moiler, monogram,
mortal, move, multilaterality, nails, navigator, navvy, near,
nearby, needle, negotiate, nippers, nose, offer, office temporary,
offshoot, oiler, on hand, one, operation, operative, organ,
ovation, oversight, overt act, pack, pair, paleography, palm, part,
participation, party, pass, pass on, pass out, pass over, passage,
pastorage, pastorate, pastorship, patronage, paw, pencraft,
penmanship, penscript, performance, person, personage, personality,
picture cards, pincers, pinion, planking, plaudit, playing cards,
pointer, popularity, possession, pounces, power, present,
present to, proceeding, production, proffer, profile, proletarian,
protectorship, provide, purser, quarter, queen, quickly,
radio operator, raj, ramification, rapidly, reach, readily,
regnancy, reign, reins of government, relief, render, res gestae,
resign, round, round of applause, roustabout, royal flush, rubber,
ruff, rule, runner, safe hands, salaried worker, scion, script,
scription, scrive, seal, self-employed person, sell, servant,
settle, settle on, share, shoot, shore, side, siding, sigil,
sign away, sign manual, sign over, signature, signboard, signet,
signpost, single, singleton, snip, snips, somebody, someone, soul,
sovereignty, spades, sparks, speedily, spray, sprig, spur,
steadily, step, steward, stewardess, stewardship, stiff, stoker,
straight, stroke, stunt, stylography, submit, subscription, succor,
supervision, supply, support, surrender, sway, swiftly, switch,
tail, talons, teeth, tellurian, temple, temporary, tender, tendril,
terran, thing, thing done, thunder of applause, to hand, together,
toiler, torpedoman, touch, tour de force, trade, transaction,
transfer, transmit, trey, trick, trump, turn, turn over, tutelage,
twig, undertaking, unguals, ungulae, unilaterality, visa, vise,
wage earner, wage slave, wageworker, ward, wardenship, wardship,
watch, watch and ward, will, wing, work, worker, workgirl,
workhand, working girl, workingman, workingwoman, workman, works,
worldling, yeoman, yield

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reaped, r

hånd at Danish => English Of Explained:


Hand at German => English Of Explained:

Hand [hant]nsm

hand at Dutch => English Of Explained:

hand [hɑnt]

hand at Swedish => English Of Explained:


hand at English => English (English Thesaurus) Of Explained:

[N] (Instrumentality): instrumentality, aid, subservience, mediation, intervention, intermediary, middle-man, medium, vehicle, hand, agency, minister, midwife, go-between, stepping-stone, instrument, expedient.

[V] (Instrumentality): minister, mediate, intervene, handle, be instrumental, officiate, tend.

[N] (Agent): doer, actor, agent, performer, perpetrator, operator, executor, executrix, practitioner, worker, workman, artisan, operative, laborer, hand.

[V] (Giving): deliver, hand, hand over, present, give, tender, donate, give away, dispense, dole out, pay, render, impart.

Hand at English => English (Eastons 1897 Bible) Of Explained:

, storm, cloud, group, cluster, clump.[ADJ] (Inappropriateness): inappropriate, undesirable, unadvisable, inadvisable, objectionable, inapt, ineligible, inadmissible, inconvenient, incommodious, disadvantageous, unfit, ill-advised, unsatisfactory, useless, inopportune, improper, unseemly, clumsy, awkward.

[ADJ] (Incompetence): unskillful, inexpert, bungling, awkward, clumsy, maladroit, incompetent, inept, unqualified, unfit.[N] (Assemblage): {Group}: crowd, throng, group, flood, rush, deluge, rabble, mob, press, horde, body, tribe, crew, gang, knot, squad, band, party, swarm, shoal, school, covey, flock, herd, drove, bunch, drive, force, roundup , array, bevy, galaxy, corps, company, troop, troupe, task force, army, regiment, combatants, host, multitude, clan, brotherhood, fraternity, sorority, association, party, volley, storm, cloud, group, cluster, clump.

[N] (Assemblage): {Cluster}: set, batch, lot, pack, budget, assortment, bunch, parcel, packet, package, bundle, bale, fagot, wisp, truss, tuft, shock, rick, stack, sheaf, fascicle, accumulation, heap, lump, pile, mass.

[V] (Assemblage): {Be or come together}: assemble, collect, muster, meet, rendezvous, resort, come together, flock, get together, huddle.

[N] (Assemblage): {Group}: crowd, throng, group, flood, rush, deluge, rabble, mob, press, horde, body,

hand at English => English (Oxford Advanced Learners) Of Explained:

noun, verb
part of body

1 [C] the part of the body at the end of the arm, including the fingers and thumb:
Ian placed a hand on her shoulder. * Put your hand up if you know the answer. * Keep both hands on the steering wheel at all times. * She was on (her) hands and knees (= crawling on the floor) looking for an earring. * Couples strolled past holding hands. * Give me your hand (= hold my hand) while we cross the road. * The crowd threw up their hands (= lifted them into the air) in dismay. * He killed the snake with his bare hands (= using only his hands). * a hand towel (= a small towel for drying your hands on) * a hand drill (= one that is used by turning a handle rather than powered by electricity)


2 (in adjectives) using the hand or number of hands mentioned:
a one-handed catch * left-handed scissors (= intended to be held in your left hand)

3 (a hand) [sing.] (informal) help in doing sth:
Let me give you a hand with those bags (= help you to carry them). * Do you need a hand with those invoices? * The neighbours are always willing to lend a hand.
role in situation
4 [sing.] ~ in sth the part or role that sb/sth plays in a particular situation; sb's influence in a situation:
Early reports suggest the hand of rebel forces in the bombings. * Several of his colleagues had a hand in his downfall. * This appointment was an attempt to strengthen her hand in policy discussions.
on clock / watch
5 [C] (usually in compounds) a part of a clock or watch that points to the numbers
6 [C] a person who does physical work on a farm or in a factory
7 [C] a sailor on a ship:
All hands on deck!
see also DECKHAND
8 (in compounds) by a person rather than a machine:
hand-painted pottery * hand-knitted
see also HANDMADE
in card games
9 [C] a set of playing cards given to one player in a game:
to be dealt a good / bad hand
10 [C] one stage of a game of cards:
I'll have to leave after this hand.
11 [sing.] (old use) a particular style of writing
see also FREEHAND
measurement for horse
12 [C] a unit for measuring the height of a horse, equal to 4 INCHES or 10.16 CENTIMETRES
(close / near) at hand close to you in time or distance:
Help was at hand. * The property is ideally located with all local amenities close at hand.
at the hands of sb | at sb's hands (written) if you experience sth at the hands of sb, they are the cause of it:
They suffered years of repression at the hands of the old regime.
be good with your hands to be skilful at making or doing things with your hands
bind / tie sb hand and foot
1 to tie sb's hands and feet together so that they cannot move or escape
2 to prevent sb from doing what they want by creating rules, restrictions, etc.
by hand
1 by a person rather than a machine:
The fabric was painted by hand.
2 if a letter is delivered by hand, it is delivered by a messenger or by the person who wrote it, rather than by post/mail
fall into sb's hands / the hands of sb (written) to become controlled by sb:
The town fell into enemy hands. * We don't want this document falling into the wrong hands. * After the war, the hotel fell into the hands of an American consortium.
(at) first hand by experiencing, seeing, etc. sth yourself rather than being told about it by sb else:
The President visited the area to see the devastation at first hand.
get your hands dirty to do physical work:
He's not frightened of getting his hands dirty.
sb's hand (in marriage) (old-fashioned) permission to marry sb, especially a woman:
He asked the general for his daughter's hand in marriage.
hand in glove (with sb) working closely with sb, especially in a secret and/or illegal way
hand in hand
1 if two people are hand in hand, they are holding each other's hand:
They walked through the park hand in hand.
2 if two things go hand in hand, they are closely connected and one thing causes the other:
Poverty and poor health often go hand in hand.
(get / take your) hands off (sth/sb) (spoken) used to tell sb not to touch sth/sb:
Get your hands off my wife! * Hey, hands off! That's my drink!
hands up! (spoken)
1 used to tell a group of people to raise one hand in the air if they know the answer to a question, etc:
Hands up all those who want to go swimming.
2 used by sb who is threatening people with a gun to tell them to raise both hands in the air
have your hands full to be very busy or too busy to do sth else:
She certainly has her hands full with four kids in the house.
have your hands tied to be unable to do what you want to do because of rules, promises, etc:
I really wish I could help but my hands are tied.
hold sb's hand to give sb support in a difficult situation:
Do you want me to come along and hold your hand?
in sb's capable, safe, etc. hands being taken care of or dealt with by sb that you think you can rely on:
Can I leave these queries in your capable hands?
in hand
1 if you have time or money in hand, it is left and available to be used:
We managed to redecorate the house and still have some savings in hand. * She completed the first part of the exam with over an hour in hand.
2 if you have a particular situation in hand, you are in control of it:
Don't worry about the travel arrangements-everything is in hand.
3 the job, question, etc. in hand is the one that you are dealing with:
Please confine your comments to the topic in hand.
4 if sb works a week, month, etc. in hand, they are paid for the work a week, etc. after they have completed it
in the hands of sb | in sb's hands being looked after or controlled by sb:
The matter is now in the hands of my lawyer. * At that time, the castle was in enemy hands.
keep your hand in to occasionally do sth that you used to do a lot so that you do not lose your skill at it:
She retired last year but still teaches the odd class to keep her hand in.
lay / get your hands on sb to catch sb that you are annoyed with:
Wait till I get my hands on him!
lay / get your hands on sth to find or get sth:
I know their address is here somewhere, but I can't lay my hands on it right now. * Do you know where I can get my hands on a second-hand television?
many hands make light work (saying) used to say that a job is made easier if a lot of people help
not do a hand's turn (old-fashioned) to do no work:
She hasn't done a hand's turn all week.
off your hands no longer your responsibility
on either / every hand (literary) on both/all sides; in both/all directions:
Mist curled from the water on either hand.
on hand available, especially to help:
The emergency services were on hand with medical advice.
on your hands if you have sb/sth on your hands, you are responsible for them or it:
Let me take care of the invitations-you've enough on your hands with the caterers. * They'll have a fight on their hands if they want to close down the school.
on the one hand ...on the other (hand) ... used to introduce different points of view, ideas, etc., especially when they are opposites:
On the one hand they'd love to have kids, but on the other, they don't want to give up their freedom.
out of hand
1 difficult or impossible to control:
Unemployment is getting out of hand.
2 if you reject sth out of hand, you do so immediately without thinking about it fully or listening to other people's arguments:
All our suggestions were dismissed out of hand.
out of your hands no longer your responsibility:
I'm afraid the matter is now out of my hands.
play into sb's hands to do exactly what an enemy, opponent, etc. wants so that they gain the advantage in a particular situation:
If we get the police involved, we'll be playing right into the protesters' hands.
put your hand in your pocket (BrE) to spend money or give it to sb:
I've heard he doesn't like putting his hand in his pocket.
(at) second, third, etc. hand by being told about sth by sb else who has seen it or heard about it, not by experiencing, seeing, etc. it yourself:
I'm fed up of hearing about these decisions third hand!
take sb in hand to deal with sb in a strict way in order to improve their behaviour
take sth into your own hands to deal with a particular situation yourself because you are not happy with the way that others are dealing with it
throw your hand in (informal) to stop doing sth or taking part in sth, especially because you are not successful
to hand that you can reach or get easily:
I'm afraid I don't have the latest figures to hand. * Keep a pen and paper to hand for details of this week's competition.
turn your hand to sth to start doing sth or be able to do sth, especially when you do it well:
Jim can turn his hand to most jobs around the house.
more at BIG adj., BIRD, BITE v., BLOOD n., CAP n., CASH n., CHANGE v., CLOSE adv., COURAGE, DEAD adj., EAT, FIRM adj., FOLD v., FORCE v., FREE adj., HAT, HEAVY, HELP v., IRON adj., JOIN v., KNOW v., LAW, LIFE, LIFT v., LIVE, MONEY, OFFER v., OVERPLAY, PAIR n., PALM n., PUTTY, RAISE v., SAFE adj., SHOW n., SHOW v., SLEIGHT, STAY v., TIME n., TRY v., UPPER adj., WAIT v., WASH v., WHIP n., WIN v., WRING
verb ~ sth to sb | ~ sb sth to pass or give sth to sb: [VN, VNN] She handed the letter to me. * She handed me the letter.
hand sth to sb on a plate (informal) to give sth to sb without the person concerned making any effort:
Nobody's going to hand you success on a plate.
have (got) to hand it to sb (informal) used to say that sb deserves praise for sth:
You've got to hand it to her-she's a great cook.
hand sth<->around / round to offer or pass sth, especially food or drinks, to all the people in a group
hand sth back (to sb) to give or return sth to the person who owns it or to where it belongs:
She picked up the wallet and handed it back to him. * Control of the territory was handed back to China.
hand sth<->down (to sb)
1 [usually passive] to give or leave sth to sb who is younger than you
These skills used to be handed down from father to son. * Most of his clothes were handed down to him by his older brother.
related noun HAND-ME-DOWN
2 (especially AmE) to officially give a decision/statement, etc.
The judge has handed down his verdict.
hand sth<->in (to sb) to give sth to a person in authority, especially a piece of work or sth that is lost
You must all hand in your projects by the end of next week. * I handed the watch in to the police. * to hand in your notice / resignation (= formally tell your employer that you want to stop working for them)
hand sth<->on (to sb) to give or leave sth for another person to use or deal with
hand sth<->out (to sb)
1 to give a number of things to the members of a group
Could you hand these books out, please? * She handed out medals and certificates to the winners.
related noun HANDOUT
2 to give advice, a punishment, etc:
He's always handing out advice to people.
hand sth<->over (to sb) | hand over (to sb) | hand sth over (to sb) to give sb else your position of power or the responsibility for sth:
She resigned and handed over to one of her younger colleagues. * He finally handed over his responsibility for the company last year.
related noun HANDOVER
hand sb over to sb to let sb listen or speak to another person, especially on the telephone or in a news broadcast:
I'll hand you over to my boss.
hand sb/sth<->over (to sb) to give sth/sb officially or formally to another person:
He handed over a cheque for $200 000. * They handed the weapons over to the police.
related noun HANDOVER
using your hands
These verbs describe different ways of touching things:
feel I felt the bag to see what was in it.
finger She fingered the silk delicately.
handle Handle the fruit with care.
rub She rubbed her eyes wearily.
stroke The cat loves being stroked.
pat He patted my arm and told me not to worry.
tap Someone was tapping lightly at the door.
squeeze I took his hand and squeezed it.
You can use these verbs to describe taking something quickly:
grab I grabbed his arm to stop myself from falling.
snatch She snatched the letter out of my hand.
These verbs describe holding things tightly:
clasp Her hands were clasped behind her head.
clutch The child was clutching a doll in her hand.
grasp Grasp the rope with both hands and pull.
grip He gripped his bag tightly and wouldn't let go.

HAND at English => English (Bouviers Law) Of Explained:

HAND. That part of the human body at the end of the arm.
2. Formerly the hand was considered as the symbol of good faith, and
some contracts derive their names from the fact that the hand was used in
making them; as handsale, (q.v.) mandatum, (q.v.) which comes from a
mandata. The hand is still used for various legal or forensic purposes. When
a person is accused of a crime and he is arraigned, and he is asked to hold
up his right hand; and when one is sworn as a witness, he is required to lay
his right hand on the Bible, or to hold it up.
3. Hand is also the name of a measure of length used in ascertaining
the height of horses. It is four inches long. See Measure: Ell.
4. In a figurative sense, by hand is understood a particular form of
writing; as if B writes a good hand. Various kinds of hand have been used,
as, the secretary hand, the Roman hand, the court hand, &c. Wills and
contracts may be written in any of these, or any other which is

Hand at English => English (Websters 1913) Of Explained:

Hand \Hand\, n.
A gambling game played by American Indians, consisting of
guessing the whereabouts of bits of ivory or the like, which
are passed rapidly from hand to hand.

Hand \Hand\, n. [AS. hand, hond; akin to D., G., & Sw. hand,
OHG. hant, Dan. haand, Icel. h["o]nd, Goth. handus, and perh.
to Goth. hinpan to seize (in comp.). Cf. {Hunt}.]
1. That part of the fore limb below the forearm or wrist in
man and monkeys, and the corresponding part in many other
animals; manus; paw. See {Manus}.

2. That which resembles, or to some extent performs the
office of, a human hand; as:
(a) A limb of certain animals, as the foot of a hawk, or
any one of the four extremities of a monkey.
(b) An index or pointer on a dial; as, the hour or minute
hand of a clock.

3. A measure equal to a hand's breadth, -- four inches; a
palm. Chiefly used in measuring the height of horses.

4. Side; part; direction, either right or left.

On this hand and that hand, were hangings. --Ex.
xxxviii. 15.

The Protestants were then on the winning hand.

5. Power of performance; means of execution; ability; skill;

He had a great mind to try his hand at a Spectator.

6. Actual performance; deed; act; workmanship; agency; hence,
manner of performance.

To change the hand in carrying on the war.

Gideon said unto God, If thou wilt save Israel by my
hand. --Judges vi.

7. An agent; a servant, or laborer; a workman, trained or
competent for special service or duty; a performer more or
less skillful; as, a deck hand; a farm hand; an old hand
at speaking.

A dictionary containing a natural history requires
too many hands, as well as too much time, ever to be
hoped for. --Locke.

I was always reckoned a lively hand at a simile.

8. Handwriting; style of penmanship; as, a good, bad or
running hand. Hence, a signature.

I say she never did invent this letter; This is a
man's invention and his hand. --Shak.

Some writs require a judge's hand. --Burril.

9. Personal possession; ownership; hence, control; direction;
management; -- usually in the plural. ``Receiving in hand
one year's tribute.'' --Knolles.

Albinus . . . found means to keep in his hands the
goverment of Britain. --Milton.

10. Agency in transmission from one person to another; as, to
buy at first hand, that is, from the producer, or when
new; at second hand, that is, when no longer in the
producer's hand, or when not new.

11. Rate; price. [Obs.] ``Business is bought at a dear hand,
where there is small dispatch.'' --Bacon.

12. That which is, or may be, held in a hand at once; as:
(a) (Card Playing) The quota of cards received from the
(b) (Tobacco Manuf.) A bundle of tobacco leaves tied

13. (Firearms) The small part of a gunstock near the lock,
which is grasped by the hand in taking aim.

Note: Hand is used figuratively for a large variety of acts
or things, in the doing, or making, or use of which the
hand is in some way employed or concerned; also, as a
symbol to denote various qualities or conditions, as:
(a) Activity; operation; work; -- in distinction from the
head, which implies thought, and the heart, which
implies affection. ``His hand will be against every
man.'' --Gen. xvi. 12.
(b) Power; might; supremacy; -- often in the Scriptures.
``With a mighty hand . . . will I rule over you.''
--Ezek. xx. 33.
(c) Fraternal feeling; as, to give, or take, the hand; to
give the right hand.
(d) Contract; -- commonly of marriage; as, to ask the
hand; to pledge the hand.

Note: Hand is often used adjectively or in compounds (with or
without the hyphen), signifying performed by the hand;
as, hand blow or hand-blow, hand gripe or hand-gripe:
used by, or designed for, the hand; as, hand ball or
handball, hand bow, hand fetter, hand grenade or
hand-grenade, handgun or hand gun, handloom or hand
loom, handmill or hand organ or handorgan, handsaw or
hand saw, hand-weapon: measured or regulated by the
hand; as, handbreadth or hand's breadth, hand gallop or
hand-gallop. Most of the words in the following
paragraph are written either as two words or in

{Hand bag}, a satchel; a small bag for carrying books,
papers, parcels, etc.

{Hand basket}, a small or portable basket.

{Hand bell}, a small bell rung by the hand; a table bell.

{Hand bill}, a small pruning hook. See 4th {Bill}.

{Hand car}. See under {Car}.

{Hand director} (Mus.), an instrument to aid in forming a
good position of the hands and arms when playing on the
piano; a hand guide.

{Hand drop}. See {Wrist drop}.

{Hand gallop}. See under {Gallop}.

{Hand gear} (Mach.), apparatus by means of which a machine,
or parts of a machine, usually operated by other power,
may be operated by hand.

{Hand glass}.
(a) A glass or small glazed frame, for the protection of
(b) A small mirror with a handle.

{Hand guide}. Same as {Hand director} (above).

{Hand language}, the art of conversing by the hands, esp. as
practiced by the deaf and dumb; dactylology.

{Hand lathe}. See under {Lathe}.

{Hand money}, money paid in hand to bind a contract; earnest

{Hand organ} (Mus.), a barrel organ, operated by a crank
turned by hand.

{Hand plant}. (Bot.) Same as {Hand tree} (below). -- {Hand
rail}, a rail, as in staircases, to hold by. --Gwilt.

{Hand sail}, a sail managed by the hand. --Sir W. Temple.

{Hand screen}, a small screen to be held in the hand.

{Hand screw}, a small jack for raising heavy timbers or
weights; (Carp.) a screw clamp.

{Hand staff} (pl. {Hand staves}), a javelin. --Ezek. xxxix.

{Hand stamp}, a small stamp for dating, addressing, or
canceling papers, envelopes, etc.

{Hand tree} (Bot.), a lofty tree found in Mexico
({Cheirostemon platanoides}), having red flowers whose
stamens unite in the form of a hand.

{Hand vise}, a small vise held in the hand in doing small
work. --Moxon.

{Hand work}, or {Handwork}, work done with the hands, as
distinguished from work done by a machine; handiwork.

{All hands}, everybody; all parties.

{At all hands}, {On all hands}, on all sides; from every
direction; generally.

{At any hand}, {At no hand}, in any (or no) way or direction;
on any account; on no account. ``And therefore at no hand
consisting with the safety and interests of humility.''
--Jer. Taylor.

{At first hand}, {At second hand}. See def. 10 (above).

{At hand}.
(a) Near in time or place; either present and within
reach, or not far distant. ``Your husband is at hand;
I hear his trumpet.'' --Shak.
(b) Under the hand or bridle. [Obs.] ``Horses hot at
hand.'' --Shak.

{At the hand of}, by the act of; as a gift from. ``Shall we
receive good at the hand of God and shall we not receive
evil?'' --Job ii. 10.

{Bridle hand}. See under {Bridle}.

{By hand}, with the hands, in distinction from
instrumentality of tools, engines, or animals; as, to weed
a garden by hand; to lift, draw, or carry by hand.

{Clean hands}, freedom from guilt, esp. from the guilt of
dishonesty in money matters, or of bribe taking. ``He that
hath clean hands shall be stronger and stronger.'' --Job
xvii. 9.

{From hand to hand}, from one person to another.

{Hand in hand}.
(a) In union; conjointly; unitedly. --Swift.
(b) Just; fair; equitable.

As fair and as good, a kind of hand in hand
comparison. --Shak.

{Hand over hand}, {Hand over fist}, by passing the hands
alternately one before or above another; as, to climb hand
over hand; also, rapidly; as, to come up with a chase hand
over hand.

{Hand over head}, negligently; rashly; without seeing what
one does. [Obs.] --Bacon.

{Hand running}, consecutively; as, he won ten times hand

{Hand off!} keep off! forbear! no interference or meddling!

{Hand to hand}, in close union; in close fight; as, a hand to
hand contest. --Dryden.

{Heavy hand}, severity or oppression.

{In hand}.
(a) Paid down. ``A considerable reward in hand, and . . .
a far greater reward hereafter.'' --Tillotson.
(b) In preparation; taking place. --Chaucer. ``Revels . .
. in hand.'' --Shak.
(c) Under consideration, or in the course of transaction;
as, he has the business in hand.

{In one's hand} or {hands}.
(a) In one's possession or keeping.
(b) At one's risk, or peril; as, I took my life in my

{Laying on of hands}, a form used in consecrating to office,
in the rite of confirmation, and in blessing persons.

{Light hand}, gentleness; moderation.

{Note of hand}, a promissory note.

{Off hand}, {Out of hand}, forthwith; without delay,
hesitation, or difficulty; promptly. ``She causeth them to
be hanged up out of hand.'' --Spenser.

{Off one's hands}, out of one's possession or care.

{On hand}, in present possession; as, he has a supply of
goods on hand.

{On one's hands}, in one's possession care, or management.

{Putting the hand under the thigh}, an ancient Jewish
ceremony used in swearing.

{Right hand}, the place of honor, power, and strength.

{Slack hand}, idleness; carelessness; inefficiency; sloth.

{Strict hand}, severe discipline; rigorous government.

{To bear a hand}
(Naut), to give help quickly; to hasten.

{To bear in hand}, to keep in expectation with false
pretenses. [Obs.] --Shak.

{To be} {hand and glove, or in glove} {with}. See under

{To be on the mending hand}, to be convalescent or improving.

{To bring up by hand}, to feed (an infant) without suckling

{To change hand}. See {Change}.

{To change hands}, to change sides, or change owners.

{To clap the hands}, to express joy or applause, as by
striking the palms of the hands together.

{To come to hand}, to be received; to be taken into
possession; as, the letter came to hand yesterday.

{To get hand}, to gain influence. [Obs.]

Appetites have . . . got such a hand over them.

{To got one's hand in}, to make a beginning in a certain
work; to become accustomed to a particular business.

{To have a hand in}, to be concerned in; to have a part or
concern in doing; to have an agency or be employed in.

{To have in hand}.
(a) To have in one's power or control. --Chaucer.
(b) To be engaged upon or occupied with.

{To have one's hands full}, to have in hand al that one can
do, or more than can be done conveniently; to be pressed
with labor or engagements; to be surrounded with

{To} {have, or get}, {the (higher) upper hand}, to have, or
get, the better of another person or thing.

{To his hand}, {To my hand}, etc., in readiness; already
prepared. ``The work is made to his hands.'' --Locke.

{To hold hand}, to compete successfully or on even
conditions. [Obs.] --Shak.

{To lay hands on}, to seize; to assault.

{To lend a hand}, to give assistance.

{To} {lift, or put forth}, {the hand against}, to attack; to
oppose; to kill.

{To live from hand to mouth}, to obtain food and other
necessaries as want compels, without previous provision.

{To make one's hand}, to gain advantage or profit.

{To put the hand unto}, to steal. --Ex. xxii. 8.

{To put the}

{last, or finishing},

{hand to}, to make the last corrections in; to complete; to

{To set the hand to}, to engage in; to undertake.

That the Lord thy God may bless thee in all that
thou settest thine hand to. --Deut. xxiii.

{To stand one in hand}, to concern or affect one.

{To strike hands}, to make a contract, or to become surety
for another's debt or good behavior.

{To take in hand}.
(a) To attempt or undertake.
(b) To seize and deal with; as, he took him in hand.

{To wash the hands of}, to disclaim or renounce interest in,
or responsibility for, a person or action; as, to wash
one's hands of a business. --Matt. xxvii. 24.

{Under the hand of}, authenticated by the handwriting or
signature of; as, the deed is executed under the hand and
seal of the owner.

Hand \Hand\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Handed}; p. pr. & vb. n.
1. To give, pass, or transmit with the hand; as, he handed
them the letter.

2. To lead, guide, or assist with the hand; to conduct; as,
to hand a lady into a carriage.

3. To manage; as, I hand my oar. [Obs.] --Prior.

4. To seize; to lay hands on. [Obs.] --Shak.

5. To pledge by the hand; to handfast. [R.]

6. (Naut.) To furl; -- said of a sail. --Totten.

{To hand down}, to transmit in succession, as from father to
son, or from predecessor to successor; as, fables are
handed down from age to age; to forward to the proper
officer (the decision of a higher court); as, the Clerk of
the Court of Appeals handed down its decision.

{To hand over}, to yield control of; to surrender; to deliver

Hand \Hand\, v. i.
To co["o]perate. [Obs.] --Massinger.

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Have A Nice Day. Often used sarcastically and in
connection with {HTH}, as in:

> Where's the point of alt.stupidity?

Between the 't' and the 's'. HTH. HAND.


hand at English => English (WordNet) Of Explained:

n 1: the (prehensile) extremity of the superior limb; "he had the
hands of a surgeon"; "he extended his mitt" [syn: {manus},
{mitt}, {paw}]
2: a hired laborer on a farm or ranch; "the hired hand fixed
the railing"; "a ranch hand" [syn: {hired hand}, {hired
3: something written by hand; "she recognized his handwriting";
"his hand was illegible" [syn: {handwriting}, {script}]
4: ability; "he wanted to try his hand at singing"
5: a position given by its location to the side of an object;
"objections were voiced on every hand"
6: the cards held in a card game by a given player at any given
time; "I didn't hold a good hand all evening"; "he kept
trying to see my hand" [syn: {deal}]
7: one of two sides of an issue; "on the one hand..., but on
the other hand..."
8: a rotating pointer on the face of a timepiece; "the big hand
counts the minutes"
9: a unit of length equal to 4 inches; used in measuring
horses; "the horse stood 20 hands"
10: a member of the crew of a ship; "all hands on deck"
11: a card player in a game of bridge; "we need a 4th hand for
bridge" [syn: {bridge player}]
12: a round of applause to signify approval; "give the little
lady a great big hand"
13: terminal part of the forelimb in certain vertebrates (e.g.
apes or kangaroos); "the kangaroo's forearms seem
undeveloped but the powerful five-fingered hands are
skilled at feinting and clouting"- Springfield (Mass.)
14: physical assistance; "give me a hand with the chores" [syn:
{helping hand}]

v 1: place into the hands or custody of; "hand me the spoon,
please"; "Turn the files over to me, please"; "He turned
over the prisoner to his lawyers" [syn: {pass}, {reach},
{pass on}, {turn over}, {give}]
2: guide or conduct or usher somewhere; "hand the elderly lady
into the taxi"

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Inter: wikipedia » dab=hand (disambiguation)|hand
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From Inter: etyl » enm, from Inter: etyl » ang Inter: term » hand||hand, side (in defining position), power, control, possession, charge, agency, person regarded as holder or receiver of something|lang=ang, from Inter: etyl » gem-pro|en Inter: recons » handuz||hand|lang=gem-pro (compare Dutch, Swedish Inter: term » hand|lang=nl, German Inter: term » Hand|lang=de, West Frisian Inter: term » hân|lang=fy), from Inter: etyl » gem-pro|en Inter: recons » hinþanan|lang=gem-pro (compare Old Swedish Inter: term » hinna|lang=sv 'to gain', Gothic frahinþan 'to take captive, capture'), from Inter: etyl » ine-pro|en Inter: recons » ḱent-|lang=ine-pro, Inter: recons » ḱemt-|lang=ine-pro 'to grasp' (compare Latvian Inter: term » sīts||lang=lv 'hunting spear', Ancient Greek Inter: term » κεντέω||prick|lang=grc, Albanian Inter: term » çandër||lang=sq 'pitchfork, prop').


* Inter: IPA » /hænd/, Inter: X-SAMPA » /h{nd/
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    Inter: en-nou » n

  • The part of the fore limb below the forearm or wrist in a human, and the corresponding part in many other animals.
    1. That which resembles, or to some extent performs the office of, a human hand; as,
    2. A limb of certain animals, as the foot of a hawk, or any one of the four extremities of a monkey.
    3. An index or pointer on a dial; such as the hour and minute hands on the face of an analog clock, which are used to indicate the time of day.
    4. In linear measurement:
    5. Inter: obsolet » e Three inches.
    6. Inter: especially » in measuring the height of horses Four inches, a hand's breadth.
    7. Inter: RQ:Orwell Animal Farm » 1
    8. : Boxer was an enormous beast, nearly eighteen hands high, and as strong as any two ordinary horses put together.
    9. A side; part, camp; direction, either right or left.
    10. Category: w - :Exodus|Exodus 38:15,
    11. : On this hand and that hand, were hangings.
    12. Inter: quote-book » title=Category: w - :Eikonoklastes|Eikonoklastes|author=Category: w - :John Milton|John Milton|year=1649|passage=For that the Protestants were then on the winning hand, it must needs be plain; who, notwithstanding the miss of those forces, which at their landing here mastered without difficulty great part of Wales and Cheshire, yet made a shift to keep their own in Ireland.
    13. Power of performance; means of execution; ability; skill; dexterity.
    14. Inter: quote-magazine » year=1712|date=2 October|magazine=Category: w - :The Spectator (1711)|The Spectator|issue=499|passage=My friend Will Honeycomb has told me for above this half year, that he had a great mind to try his hand at a Spectator, and that he would fain have one of his writing in my works.|author=Category: w - :Joseph Addison|Joseph Addison
    15. Inter: context » only in certain set phrases A point of view.
    16. : On the one hand, hes the best man for the job; but, on the other hand, we may be better off with the job not done than with it done by him.''
    17. Inter: archai » c Actual performance; deed; act; workmanship; agency; hence, manner of performance.
    18. Inter: quote-book » title=History of the Rebellion and Civil Wars in England: Begun in the Year 1641|volume=2|passage=They who thought they could never be secure in any peace, except the King were first at their mercy, and so obliged to accept the conditions they would give him, were willing to change the hand in carrying on the war; and many, who thought the Earl of Essex behaved himself too imperiously, were willing to have the command in one who was more their equal.|author=Category: w - :Edward Hyde, 1st Earl of Clarendon|Edward Hyde Clarendon|year=1717
    19. Category: w - :Judges|Judges 6:36,
    20. : Gideon said unto God, If thou wilt save Israel by my hand.
    21. An agent; a servant, or manual laborer, especially in compounds; a workman, trained or competent for special service or duty; a performer more or less skillful; as,
    22. : Inter: usex » an old hand at speaking.
    23. Inter: quote-book » passage=But a Dictionary of this sort, containing, as it were, a Natural History, requires too many Hands, as well as too much Time, Cost, Pains and Sagacity, ever to be hoped for; and till that be done, we must content ourselves with such Definitions of the Names of Substances, as explain the Sense Men use them in.|author=Category: w - :John Locke|John Locke|title=Category: w - :An Essay Concerning Human Understanding|An Essay Concerning Human Understanding|year=1690
    24. Inter: quote-magazine » magazine=The Reflector|year=1811|url=|passage=I was always reckoned a lively hand at a simile.|author=Category: w - :William Hazlitt|William Hazlitt|title=A Day by the Fire
    25. An instance of helping.
    26. : Inter: usex » Bob gave Alice a hand to move the furniture.
    27. Handwriting; style of penmanship.
    28. : Inter: usex » a good hand
    29. Inter: quote-book » passage=I say she never did invent this letter; This is a man’s invention and his hand|author=Category: w - :Shakespeare|Shakespeare|title=As You Like It|section=IV-iii|year=1600
    30. Inter: quote-book » year=1883|author=Category: w - :Robert Louis Stevenson|Robert Louis Stevenson|title=Category: w - :Treasure Island|Treasure Island|passage=I found written on the other side, in a very good, clear hand, this short message...
    31. Inter: quote-book » year=1886|author={{w|Robert Louis Stevenson|title=Inter: w » Strange Case Of Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde|passage="This is a strange note," said Mr. Utterson; and then sharply, "How do you come to have it open?" "The man at Maw's was main angry, sir, and he threw it back to me like so much dirt," returned Poole. "This is unquestionably the doctor's hand, do you know?" resumed the lawyer. "I thought it looked like it," said the servant rather sulkily; and then, with another voice, "But what matters hand of write?" he said. "I've seen him!"}}
    32. A person's signature.
    33. : Inter: usex » Given under my Hand and Seal of the State this 1st Day of January, 2010.
    34. Personal possession; ownership.
    35. Inter: quote-book » passage=Receiving in hand one year’s tribute.|author=Category: w - :Richard Knolles|Richard Knolles|title=The History of the Turks|year=1603
    36. Inter: usually » plural|hands Management, domain, control.
    37. 1611 — Category: w - :King James Version of the Bible|King James Version of the Bible, Category: s - :Bible (King James)/Luke|Luke 1:1
    38. : Forasmuch as many have taken in hand to set forth in order a declaration of those things which are most surely believed among us...
    39. Inter: quote-book » author=Category: w - :John Milton|John Milton|title=Category: w - :The History of Britain|The History of Britain|passage=But Albinus, in those troublesome times ensuing under the short reign of Pertinax and Didius Julianus ¶, found means to keep in his hands the government of Britain.|year=1670
    40. : in safe hands, in good hands
    41. : He lost his job when the factory changed hands.
    42. : With the business back in the founders hands, there is new hope for the company.''
    43. : With John in charge of the project, its in good hands.''
    44. That which is, or may be, held in a hand at once.
    45. Inter: gaming » chiefly|card games The set of cards held by a player.
    46. Inter: context » tobacco manufacturing A bundle of tobacco leaves tied together.
    47. Inter: non-gloss definition » The collective noun for a bunch of bananas.
    48. Applause.
    49. : Inter: usex » Give him a hand.
    50. 2013, Tom Shone, Oscar nominations pull a surprise by showing some taste – but will it last? (in The Guardian, 11 January 2013)[]
    51. : Also a big hand for Silver Linings Playbook, an exuberant modern screwball comedy we had, in an unseemly fit of cynicism, deemed "too entertaining" for Academy voters.
    52. Inter: archai » c Agency in transmission from one person to another.
    53. : Inter: usex » to buy at first hand (from the producer, or when new)
    54. : Inter: usex » to buy at second hand (when no longer in the producer’s hand, or when not new)
    55. : Its not a rumor. I heard it at first hand.''
    56. The feel of a fabric; the impression or quality of the fabric as judged qualitatively by the sense of touch.
    57. : Inter: usex » This fabric has a smooth, soft hand'.
    58. Inter: obsolet » e Rate; price.
    59. Inter: quote-book » title=The Essays or Counsels Civil and Moral|passage=For time is the measure of business, as money is of wares; and business is bought at a dear hand, where there is small dispatch.|author=Category: w - :Francis Bacon|Francis Bacon|year=1625
    60. Inter: context » firearms The small part of a gunstock near the lock, which is grasped by the hand in taking aim.


      * Inter: sense » part of the arm below the wrist manus Inter: qualifier » obsolete, paw Inter: qualifier » of some animals

      Usage notes

      Hand is used figuratively for a large variety of acts or things, in the doing, or making, or use of which the hand is in some way employed or concerned; also, as a symbol to denote various qualities or conditions, as,

    : (a) Activity; operation; work; — in distinction from the head, which implies thought, and the heart, which implies affection.
    :: His hand will be against every man. — Genesis 16:12
    : (b) Power; might; supremacy; — often in the Scriptures.
    :: With a mighty hand . . . will I rule over you. — Ezekiel 20:33.
    : (c) Fraternal feeling; as, to give, or take, the hand; to give the right hand
    : (d) Contract; — commonly of marriage; as, to ask the hand; to pledge the hand.


    * Inter: sense » part of the fore limb below the forearm index finger, middle finger, palm, pinky, ring finger, thumb

    Derived terms

    Inter: rel-top3 » Terms derived from hand (noun)
    • all hands
    • at hand
    • backhand, backhanded
    • bite the hand that feeds one
    • by hand
    • change hands
    • China Hand
    • close at hand
    • cold hands, warm heart
    • dead man's hand
    • deckhand
    • dishpan hands
    • Dutch hand
    • empty-handed
    • farmhand
    • fill one's hand
    • first hand
    • force somebody's hand
    • glad hand
    • handbag
    • hand ball or handball
    • hand basket
    • handbreadth
    • handful
    • hand gear
    • hand grenade
    • handgun
    • hand in glove
    • hand in hand

    Inter: rel-mid » 3
  • handiwork
  • handjob
  • handle
  • handly
  • handmade
  • handmill
  • hand over fist
  • hand over hand
  • hand press
  • handrail
  • handsaw
  • hands off
  • hands down
  • hands on
  • hands up
  • hand to hand
  • hand to mouth, hand-to-mouth
  • handwork
  • handy
  • hat in hand
  • have a hand in
  • have blood on one's hands
  • have one's hands full
  • heavy-handed
  • hired hand
  • hour hand
  • in good hands
  • in hand
  • laying on of hands
  • left-handed

  • Inter: rel-mid » 3
    • lend a hand
    • live from hand to mouth
    • minute hand
    • off-hand
    • old hand
    • on hand
    • on the one hand
    • on the other hand
    • out of hand
    • out of someone's hands
    • overhand
    • play into someone's hands
    • put one's hands together
    • putty in someone's hands
    • ranchhand
    • red-handed
    • right-handed
    • second hand, second-hand
    • shake hands
    • show of hands
    • stablehand
    • stagehand
    • take in hand
    • the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world
    • tie someone's hands
    • tip one's hand
    • try one's hand at
    • underhand
    • underhanded
    • wash one's hands of

    Inter: rel-botto » m


    Inter: trans-top » part of the body
  • Afrikaans: hand
  • Ainu: テㇰ (tek)
  • Akkadian: {{tø|akk|
  • Hand at English (WD) Of Explained:

    Inter: also » hand


    Inter: picdic »
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    | labels=
    {{ picdiclabel | color=white | fontsize=18 | posx=100 | posy=179 | link=Handfläche |lang=de
    Inter: picdiclabel » color=white | fontsize=12 | posx= 10 | posy=200 | link=Handgelenk | align=left |lang=de
    Inter: picdiclabel » color=white | fontsize=12 | posx= 90 | posy= 70 | link=Daumen |lang=de
    Inter: picdiclabel » color=white | fontsize=12 | posx=200 | posy=125 | link=Zeigefinger |lang=de
    Inter: picdiclabel » color=white | fontsize=12 | posx=225 | posy=160 | link=Mittelfinger |lang=de
    Inter: picdiclabel » color=white | fontsize=12 | posx=220 | posy=205 | link=Ringfinger |lang=de
    Inter: picdiclabel » color=white | fontsize=12 | posx=200 | posy=245 | link=kleiner Finger |lang=de
    | detail1=Click on labels in the image
    | detail2=
    Inter: picdicimg » image=Arm flex supinate.jpg | link=Arm |lang=de


    From Inter: etyl » goh|de Inter: term » hant|lang=goh, from Inter: etyl » gem-pro|de Inter: recons » handuz|lang=gem-pro. Compare Dutch and English Inter: term » hand|lang=en, West Frisian Inter: term » hân|lang=fy, Danish Inter: term » hånd|lang=da, Gothic {{term|

    HAND at English (WD) Of Explained:

    Inter: also » hand|Hand


    Inter: initialis » m

  • have a nice day


    * NADH

  • Translation: zh » HAND

    hånd at English (WD) Of Explained:



    From Inter: etyl » non|da Inter: term » hǫnd|lang=non, from Inter: etyl » gem-pro|da Inter: recons » handuz|lang=gem-pro.


    * Inter: IPA » /hɔn/|hʌnˀ|lang=da


    Inter: da-noun » en|hænder
  • hand (part of body)


    Inter: da-noun-infl » en|hænder|hænderne

    See also

    * Inter: pedialite » lang=da

  • Category: ast:hånd -
    Category: zh-min-nan:hånd -
    Translation: ca » hånd
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    Translation: zh » hånd

    händ at English (WD) Of Explained:

    Inter: also » hand



    Inter: head » vep|noun
  • tail

  • Translation: fr » händ
    Translation: lb » händ
    Translation: li » händ
    Translation: ru » händ
    Translation: sv » händ