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the official written record of what happens in the British Parliament//

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Hansard \Han"sard\, n.
An official report of proceedings in the British Parliament;
-- so called from the name of the publishers.

Hansard \Han"sard\, n.
A merchant of one of the Hanse towns. See the Note under 2d

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n : the official published verbatim report of the proceedings of
a parliamentary body; originally of the British
Parliament; "the Canadian Hansard is published in both
English and French"

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About 1859. After London printer Category: w - :Luke Hansard|Luke Hansard (1752–1828), whose company printed and later published the British debates of parliament. The printed debates were titled Hansard from 1829.


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  • The official report of discussions in the British and some Commonwealth parliaments.
    1. Inter: historica » l A merchant of one of the Hanse towns.


      * dharnas

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