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Inter: suffix » hinta|inen|gloss1=price|lang=fi


Inter: fi-adj » comp=-
  • Having a certain price, used always with a determiner or as head of a compound term; no direct English equivalent.
    1. : Minkä hintainen tämä tontti on?
    2. :: How much does this lot cost?
    3. :: What is the price of this lot?
    4. : Viiden euron hintaiselta viiniltä ei pidä odottaa liikoja.
    5. :: One should not expect too much from a wine priced at five euros.
    6. : Jaguar on minulle sopivan hintainen auto.

  • :: Jaguar is a suitably priced car for me.


    Inter: fi-decl-nainen » hintai|a|


    * halpahintainen