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Inter: head » en|verb|head=hold one's liquor
  • Inter: idiomati » c To be resistant to intoxication or to show few signs of intoxication, even after consuming a significant amount of alcohol.
    1. 1927, "Alcoholic Rats and Heredity," Popular Science, vol. 110, no. 6, p. 39:
    2. : Just because a person is descended from hard-drinking ancestors is no sign that he can "hold his liquor" better than others.
    3. 1987, Patricia Morrisroe, "The Life and Death of Sandy Marsh," New York Magazine‎, vol. 20, no. 36 (14 Sep.) , p. 49:
    4. : Sandy Marsh didn't hold her liquor particularly well; she could get tipsy on two glasses of red wine.
    5. 2002, Category: w - :Emma Holly|Emma Holly, Beyond Seduction‎, ISBN 9780515133080, p. 87:

  • : When I first came to London and fell in with Sebastian and Evangeline, neither could hold their liquor, nor judge which glass should be their last.

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