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Alternative forms

* Inter: onym » en||honest-to-God
  • Inter: onym » en|honest-to-goodness, Inter: onym » en||honest to goodness


    Compare Inter: term » swear to God|lang=en. Originally used as a sentence adverb or interjection, modifying entire clauses or utterances; Inter: term » honest|lang=en itself is used this way, as in “Honest, I had no idea!” (meaning “I'm telling the truth, I had no idea!”).


    Inter: en-adj » -

  • Inter: context » attributive only Real, true, actual.
    1. : Hes an honest-to-God saint, I don't know what I would do without him!''


      Inter: en-adv » -

  • Honest; truly, really; Inter: non-gloss definition » used to emphasize that a statement is true.
  • : Honest to God, I thought you already knew!
  • Truly, really.
  • : She is honest-to-God brilliant.

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