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guiltless, innocent

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21 Moby Thesaurus words for "inculpable":
above suspicion, blameless, clean, exemplary, faultless, guiltless,
innocent, irreprehensible, irreproachable, irreprovable, pure,
righteous, unarraignable, unblamable, unblameworthy, uncensurable,
unexceptionable, unimpeachable, unindictable, unobjectionable,

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[ADJ] (Innocence): innocent, not guilty, guiltless, faultless, stainless, spotless, clear, immaculate, unblemished, unerring, undefiled, inculpable, unblamed, blameless, above suspicion, irreproachable.

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Inculpable \In*cul"pa*ble\, a. [L. inculpabilis: cf. F.
Faultless; blameless; innocent. --South.

An innocent and incupable piece of ignorance.

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adj : free of guilt; not subject to blame; "has lived a blameless
life"; "of irreproachable character"; "an unimpeachable
reputation" [syn: {blameless}, {irreproachable}, {unimpeachable}]

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Inter: en-ad » j
  • Not culpable; immune from liability.


    Inter: trans-top » not culpable
    • French: non Inter: t+ » fr|coupable

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