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Islamic speculative theology. It arose during the Umayyad dynasty over varying interpretations of the Quran and over questions the Quran provoked, incl. those on predestination, free will, and the nature of God. The most prominent early school was the 8th-cent. Mutazila, which asserted the supremacy of reason, championed free will, and rejected an anthropomorphic characterization of God. The 10th-cent. school of Ashariya displaced Mutazila and moved kalam back toward traditional faith, accepting, for example, the eternal, uncreated nature of the Quran and its literal truth.

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From Inter: etyl » ar|en Inter: term » كلام ||tr=kalām|lang=ar|literary speech


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  • Inter: Isla » m speculative theology

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    * kamal, Kamal, Kamâl

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