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ying, a purchasebrazen, made

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cross, cruise

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cross, cruise

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kryss {{n}}
  • crossing, junction
    1. cross

    Category: Category:Norwegian nouns -



    * Inter: audio » Sv-ett kryss.ogg|Audio


    Inter: sv-noun » g=n
  • crossing, junction
    1. cross (in particular diagonally oriented, as in the letter "x")
    2. crossword puzzle
    3. Inter: context » colloquial|sports|lang=sv a draw, a tie
    4. Inter: defn » sv|sailing term, related to "kryssa" (to sail against the wind, somehow?)


      Inter: sv-noun-n-zero » genitive=


      * Inter: sense » crossing korsning

  • Inter: sense » cross kors (especially if oriented as in the sign "+")
  • Inter: sense » crossword puzzle korsord
  • Inter: sense » draw, tie oavgjort (resultat)

    Related terms

    * kryssa

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