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Alternative forms

* (common) kvöld


From Inter: etyl » non|is Inter: term » kveld|lang=non.


* Inter: IPA » kʰvɛlt|lang=is
  • : Inter: rhymes » ɛlt|lang=is


    Inter: is-noun » n|kvelds|kveld

  • Inter: archaic » or|poetic|lang=is evening
    1. Genesis 1:31 (Icelandic Bible, New International Version)
    2. : Og Guð leit allt, sem hann hafði gjört, og sjá, það var harla gott. Það varð kveld og það varð morgunn, hinn sjötti dagur.
    3. :: God saw all that he had made, and it was very good. And there was evening, and there was morning—the sixth day.


      Inter: is-decl-noun-n-s » kv|e|ld

    Norwegian Bokmål


    From Inter: etyl » non|nb Inter: term » kveld|lang=non.


    * Inter: IPA » ˈkʋel|lang=nb


    Inter: no-noun-reg-m » kveld
  • evening
    1. Ha en fin kveld.
    2. : Have a nice evening.

    Old Norse


    Akin to Old English Inter: term » cwild||downfall, death, Inter: term » cwyldtid|cwyldtīd|evening, Old High German Inter: term » quiltiwerc||evening work, dialectal German Inter: term » Kilt. Originally literally “the quelling day”, and exists also in the form kveld dags, usually with the preposition Inter: term » at|lang=non: at kveldi dags (originally literally “at the end or quelling of the day”, hence “in the evening”). Related to Inter: term » kvelja|lang=non, Old English Inter: term » cweljan, English Inter: term » quell, Inter: term » kill.


    Inter: head » non|noun|g=n
  • evening


    Inter: top » 2
    • Danish: kvæld {{c}} (before and in dialects also {{n}}, Old Danish kwæld)
    • Faroese: kvøld {{n}}
    • Icelandic: kveld {{n}}, kvöld {{n}}

    Inter: mid » 2
  • Norwegian: kveld {{m}}
  • Swedish: kväll {{c}}, in dialects also kväller {{c}} (Old Swedish quälder {{m}}, quäld {{n}})

  • Inter: botto » m
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