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"remarkable person or thing," 1886 (first attested in a baseball article from New Orleans, U.S.), perhaps from earlier looly "beautiful girl," of unknown origin. ///

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Locally Unwanted Land Uses

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20 Moby Thesaurus words for "lulu":
ace, beaut, corker, crackerjack, daisy, dandy, darb, dilly, dream,
honey, humdinger, killer-diller, knockout, lollapaloosa, peach,
pip, pippin, sweetheart, the nuts, whiz

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n : a very attractive or seductive looking woman [syn: {smasher},
{stunner}, {knockout}, {beauty}, {ravisher}, {sweetheart},
{peach}, {looker}, {mantrap}, {dish}]

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Inter: also » Lulu|LULU|lùlu|lùlù|lǚlǚ|lǜlǚ



Inter: en-nou » n
  • A remarkable person, object or idea; a doozie; a beauty; a humdinger.
    1. A very attractive or seductive person.


      * Inter: sense » remarkable person object or idea exception, unexpected, ace, innovation, champion, comedy, cool, surprise, neato

  • Inter: sense » very attractive or seductive person , babe, beauty, cutie, doll Inter: qualifier » woman, dream, dreamboat, fox, peach, siren, stunna/stunner


    * Inter: sense » very attractive or seductive person dog Inter: qualifier » woman, fright, monster, monstrosity, sight

  • Samoan


    Inter: head » sm|noun
  • barn owl

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    Inter: also » lulu|lùlu|lùlù|lǚlǚ|lǜlǚ


    Proper noun

    Inter: en-proper nou » n
  • Inter: given name » female|diminutive=Louisa, Louise or Lucy, or of their variant forms.
    1. 1860 Minnie S. Davis, The Rival School-Mates, Category: w - :The Ladies' Repository|The Ladies' Repository, Vol. 28-29, A. Tompkins (1860), page 500:
    2. : "Do excuse me, and forgive my inquisitiveness. I was struck with the name Lulu." "You think it a baby name," she said, laughing. "O, no; it is wonderfully sweet to me! and may I sometimes call you so?"
    3. 1920 Category: w - :Zona Gale|Zona Gale, Category: s - :Miss Lulu Bett (novel)/I|Miss Lulu Bett:
    4. : There emerged from the fringe of things, where she perpetually hovered, Mrs. Deacon's older sister, Lulu Bett, who was "making her home with us." And that was precisely the case. They were not making her a home, goodness knows. Lulu was the family beast of burden.

    Usage notes

    * Fairly popular as a formal given name in the latter half of the 19th century.


    Etymology 1

    From a diminuive of Luise and other female names beginning with Lu-.

    Proper noun

    Inter: head » de|proper noun
  • Inter: given name » female|lang=de; rare today.

    Etymology 2

    Inter: rf » e


    Inter: head » de|noun {{n}}

  • urine (Austrian child language)
    * Pipi
    • Urin

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    Inter: also » lulu|Lulu


    Inter: wikipedia » Locally unwanted land use


    Coined 1981 by American urban planning professor Inter: w » Frank J. Popper in his paper, “Siting LULUs”, Inter: w » Planning Magazine.[]


    Inter: head » en|noun
  • Locally unwanted land use.

    See also

    * BANANA
    • NIMBY


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