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c.1450, "source of (artificial) light," from M.Fr. luminarie "lamp, light," from L.L. luminare "light, torch, lamp, heavenly body," lit. "that which gives light," from L. lumen (gen. luminis) "light." Sense of "notable person" is first recorded 1692. Luminescence is from 1896. Luminosity in astronomy sense of "intrinsic brightness of a heavenly body" (as distinguished from apparent magnitude, which diminishes with distance), is attested from 1906. ///

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n plural luminaries [C] // [Date: 1400-1500; Language: French; Origin: luminaire 'lamp', from Latin luminaria 'window', from lumen; LUMINOUS]// someone who is very famous or highly respected for their skill at doing something or their knowledge of a particular subject// --luminaries of Parisian society//

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ia)Wu2 qi2(N) Wuqi (place in Shaanxi)Wu2 qiao2(N) Wuqiao (place in Hebei)Wu2 jiang1(N) W

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83 Moby Thesaurus words for "luminary":
VIP, actinic, big, big name, big-timer, candle, catoptric,
celebrity, chief, constellation, cynosure, electric light bulb,
electronics king, eminence, figure, fire, first-rater, flame,
folk hero, galaxy, genius, glim, great man, heliographic,
heliological, hero, heroine, honcho, idol, illuminant, illuminator,
immortal, important person, incandescent body, king, lamp, lantern,
lead, leader, leading light, light, light bulb, light source, lion,
luminal, luminant, luminaries, man of mark, master spirit, match,
moon, nabob, name, notability, notable, paramount, person of note,
personage, photic, photoactinic, photologic, pleiad, pop hero,
popular hero, popular idol, prima donna, principal, prodigy,
public figure, social lion, somebody, source of light, star, stars,
sun, superstar, taper, top dog, topnotcher, torch, virtuoso,
wonder, worthy

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[N] (Light): light, ray, beam, stream, gleam, streak, sunbeam, moonbeam, aurora, day, sunshine, light of day, moonlight, starlight, sun, luminary, light, daylight, broad daylight.

[N] (Light): luminary, light, flame, fire, spark, phosphorescence, fluorescence, incandescence, sun, star, orb, meteor.

[N] (Wise man): sage, wise man, genius, master mind, thinker, intellectual, authority, oracle, luminary, expert, wizard.

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(plural luminaries) noun
a person who is an expert or a great influence in a special area or activity:
leading luminaries of the arts * He has played with all the great jazz luminaries.

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Luminary \Lu"mi*na*ry\, n.; pl. {Luminaries}, [F. luminaire, L.
luminare a light or lamp, which was lighted in the churches,
a luminary, fr. lumen, luminis, light, fr. lucere to be
light, to shine, lux, lucis, light. See {Light}.]
1. Any body that gives light, especially one of the heavenly
bodies. `` Radiant luminary.'' --Skelton.

Where the great luminary . . . Dispenses light from
far. --Milton.

2. One who illustrates any subject, or enlightens mankind;
as, Newton was a distinguished luminary.

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n : a celebrity who is an inspiration to others; "he was host to
a large gathering of luminaries" [syn: {leading light}, {guiding
light}, {notable}, {notability}]

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From Inter: etyl » LL. luminaria, from luminare, from lumen.


Inter: en-noun » luminaries
  • One that is an inspiration to others; one who has achieved success in his chosen field; a leading light.
    1. :played host to a huge gathering of international luminaries -- Edmund Stevens
    2. An artificial light; an illumination.
    3. A body that gives light; especially, one of the heavenly bodies.


      * guiding light

      Related terms

      * illuminate

  • luminous


    * Dutch: (1) uitblinker, lichtend voorbeeld (2) Lichtbron (3) Hemellichaam, ster

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