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[N] (Productiveness): productiveness, fecundity, fertility, luxuriance, pregnancy, pullulation, fructification, multiplication, propagation, procreation, superfetation, protoplasm, fertilization, conception.

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Luxuriance \Lux*u"ri*ance\, n. [Cf. F. luxuriance.]
The state or quality of being luxuriant; rank, vigorous
growth; excessive abundance produced by rank growth.
``Tropical luxuriance.'' --B. Taylor.

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n : the property of being lush and abundant [syn: {lushness}]

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Inter: en-noun » luxuriances
  • The property of being luxuriant.
    1. 1949 - Bruce Kiskaddon, George R. Stewart Category: w - :Earth_Abides|Earth Abides
    2. : Yet such was the luxuriance of the tropical growth that the rats had not attained such numbers as to provide competition among members of the species.

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