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[N] (Pleasure): pleasure, sensuality, sensuousness, gratification, hedonism, luxuriousness, voluptuousness, titillation.

[N] (Intemperance): intemperance, sensuality, animalism, carnality, pleasure, luxury, luxuriousness, lap of luxury, indulgence, self-indulgence, voluptuousness, epicurism, epicureanism, dissipation, licentiousness, debauchery, revelry, debauchery, libertinism.

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Luxurious \Lux*u"ri*ous\, a. [L. luxuriosus: cf. F. luxurieux.
See {Luxury}.]
Of or pertaining to luxury; ministering to luxury; supplied
with the conditions of luxury; as, a luxurious life; a
luxurious table; luxurious ease. `` Luxurious cities. ''
--Milton. -- {Lux*u"ri*ous*ly}, adv. -- {Lux*u"ri*ous*ness},

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n : wealth as evidenced by sumptuous living [syn: {luxury}, {opulence},

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Inter: suffix » luxurious|ness


Inter: en-noun » -
  • The state or property of being luxurious, of being expensive or indulgently pleasant.
    1. : The luxuriousness of the spa was present even in the expensive paper fittingly used for the bill.

    Translation: te » luxuriousness
    Translation: zh » luxuriousness