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[ADJ] (Falsehood): false, deceitful, mendacious, fraudulent, dishonest, faithless, truthless, uncandid, evasive, disingenuous, hollow, artificial, contrived, hypocritical, Machiavelian, double, double-tongued, two-faced.

[ADJ] (Cunning): cunning, crafty, artful, skillful, subtle, vulpine, cunning as a fox, contriving, strategic, political, Machiavelian, artificial, tricky, wily, insidious, stealthy, underhanded, deceitful, evasive, crooked.

[ADJ] (Dishonesty): dishonest, dishonorable, unconscientious, unscrupulous, fraudulent, disgraceful, disreputable, wicked, false-hearted, disingenuous, unfair, two-faced, crooked, Machiavelian, infamous, foul, base.

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Machiavelian \Mach`i*a*vel"ian\, a. [From Machiavel, an Italian
writer, secretary and historiographer to the republic of
Of or pertaining to Machiavel, or to his supposed principles;
politically cunning; characterized by duplicity or bad faith;

Machiavelian \Mach`i*a*vel"ian\, n.
One who adopts the principles of Machiavel; a cunning and
unprincipled politician.