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c.1374, "civil officer in charge of administering laws," from O.Fr. magistrat, from L. magistratus "a magistrate," originally "magisterial rank or office," from magistrare "serve as a magistrate," from magister "chief, director" (see master). Magisterial (1632) is from L. magisterialis "of or pertaining to the office of magistrate, director, or teacher," from magisterius "having authority of a magistrate," from magister. ///

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n [C] [Date: 1300-1400; Language: Latin; Origin: magistratus, from magister 'master']// someone, not usually a lawyer, who works as a judge in a local court of law, dealing with less serious crimes// Justice of the Peace//

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75 Moby Thesaurus words for "magistrate":
JP, Justice, alderman, arbiter, arbitrator, archon, bailie, beak,
bencher, burghermaster, burgomaster, cabinet member,
cabinet minister, chancellor, chief executive,
chief executive officer, city councilman, city father,
city manager, commissar, commissioner, councillor, councilman,
councilwoman, county commissioner, county supervisor, court,
critic, dean, elder, executive, executive director,
executive officer, executive secretary, headman, his honor,
his lordship, his worship, impartial arbitrator, indicator, induna,
judge, justice, legislator, lord mayor, maire, management,
managing director, mayor, minister, minister of state, moderator,
officer, official, portreeve, prefect, president, prexy, provost,
reeve, referee, secretary, secretary of state, selectman,
supervisor, syndic, the administration, third party, treasurer,
umpire, unbiased observer, undersecretary, vice-chancellor,
vice-president, warden

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[N] (Judge): judge, justice, magistrate.

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, twilight, eleventh hour, sunset, sundown, bedtime, night, midnight, dead of night, witching hour.[N] (Nonconformity): nonconformity, unconformity, disconformity, unconventionality, informality, abnormality, anomaly, anomalousness, exception, peculiarity, eccentricity, oddity, monster, monstrosity, rarity, freak, freak of Nature, weirdo, mutant, idiosyncrasy, originality, aberration, irregularity, variety, singularity, wonder, miracle, curiosity.

[N] (Curiosity): interest, thirst for knowledge, thirst for truth, curiosity, curiousness, inquisitiveness.

[N] (Prodigy): prodigy, phenomenon, wonder, marvel, miracle, curiosity, sight, spectacle, sensation, wonderment.[ADJ] (Nonconformity): different, nonconformist, exceptional, abnormal, anomalous, anomalistic, out of place, out of one's element, irregular, aberrant, stray, wandering, wanton, peculiar, exclusive, unnatural, eccentric, egregious, off the beaten track, unusual, unaccustomed, uncustomary, uncommon, rare, curious, odd, extraordinary, out of the ordinary, strange, monstrous, wonderful, unexpected, unaccountable, out of the way, rem

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an official who acts as a judge in the lowest courts of law
a magistrate's court * to come up before the magistrates

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MAGISTRATE, mun. law. A public civil officer, invested with some part of the
legislative, executive, or judicial power given by the constitution. In a
narrower sense this term includes only inferior judicial officers, as
justices of the peace.
2. The president of the United States is the chief magistrate of this
nation; the governors are the chief magistrates of their respective states.
3. It is the duty of all magistrates to exercise the power, vested in
them for the good of the people, according to law, and with zeal and
fidelity. A neglect on the part of a magistrate to exercise the functions of
his office, when required by law, is a misdemeanor. Vide 15 Vin. Ab. 144;
Ayl. Pand. tit. 22; Dig. 30, 16, 57; Merl. Rep. h.t.; 13 Pick. R. 523.

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Magistrate \Mag"is*trate\, n. [L. magistratus, fr. magister
master: cf. F. magistrat. See {Master}.]
A person clothed with power as a public civil officer; a
public civil officer invested with the executive government,
or some branch of it. ``All Christian rulers and
magistrates.'' --Book of Com. Prayer.

Of magistrates some also are supreme, in whom the
sovereign power of the state resides; others are
subordinate. --Blackstone.

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n : a public official authorized to decide questions bought
before a court of justice [syn: {judge}, {justice}, {jurist}]

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* Inter: IPA » /ˈmædʒɪstɹeɪt/|/ˈmædʒɪstɹət/
  • Inter: audio » En-us-magistrate.ogg|Audio (US)


    Inter: en-nou » n

  • Inter: lega » l A judicial officer with limited authority to administer and enforce the law. A magistrate's court may have jurisdiction in civil or criminal cases, or both.


    Inter: trans-top » judicial officer
    • Chinese:
    • : Mandarin: Inter: qualifier » no concept exists 初級法院法官, 初级法院法官 (chūjí fǎyuàn fǎguān)
    • Esperanto: Inter: t- » eo|magistrato
    • Finnish: tuomari, käräjätuomari, raatimies (arch.), rauhantuomari (arch.)
    • French: Inter: t+ » fr|magistrat|m
    • Italian: Inter: t+ » it|magistrato|m

    Inter: trans-mi » d
  • Latin: Inter: t+ » la|magistratus
  • Portuguese: Inter: t+ » pt|magistrado|m
  • Russian: Inter: qualifier » мирово́й Inter: t+ » ru|судья|m|tr=sudʹjá|sc=Cyrl
  • Scottish Gaelic: Inter: t- » gd|bàillidh|m
  • Spanish: Inter: t- » es|magistrado|m
  • Swahili: Inter: t+ » sw|hakimu

  • Inter: trans-botto » m


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