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100 Moby Thesaurus words for "magnified":
accelerated, aggrandized, aggravated, amplified, annoyed,
apotheosized, augmented, awesome, ballyhooed, beatified, beefed-up,
big, bloated, boosted, broadened, canonized, deepened, deified,
deliberately provoked, disproportionate, elevated, embittered,
eminent, enhanced, enlarged, ennobled, enshrined, enthroned,
exacerbated, exaggerated, exalted, exasperated, excellent,
excessive, exorbitant, expanded, extended, extravagant, extreme,
glorified, grand, grandiloquent, great, heated up, heightened,
held in awe, high, high and mighty, high-flown, hiked, hotted up,
hyperbolic, immortal, immortalized, increased, inflated,
inordinate, intensified, irritated, jazzed up, lofty, mighty,
multiplied, overdone, overdrawn, overemphasized, overemphatic,
overestimated, overgreat, overlarge, overpraised, oversold,
overstated, overstressed, overwrought, prodigal, profuse,
proliferated, provoked, puffed, raised, reinforced, sainted,
sanctified, shrined, soured, spread, stiffened, strengthened,
stretched, sublime, supereminent, superlative, swollen, throned,
tightened, touted, widened, worse, worsened

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[ADJ] (Increase): increased, growing, gaining, on the rise, on the increase, undiminished, additional, added, expanded, enlarged, magnified.

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Magnify \Mag"ni*fy\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Magnified}; p. pr. &
vb. n. {Magnifying}.] [OE. magnifien, F. magnifier, L.
magnificare. See {Magnific}.]
1. To make great, or greater; to increase the dimensions of;
to amplify; to enlarge, either in fact or in appearance;
as, the microscope magnifies the object by a thousand

The least error in a small quantity . . . will in a
great one . . . be proportionately magnified.

2. To increase the importance of; to augment the esteem or
respect in which one is held.

On that day the Lord magnified Joshua in the sight
of all Israel. --Joshua iv.

3. To praise highly; to land; to extol. [Archaic]

O, magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt his
name together. --Ps. xxxiv.

4. To exaggerate; as, to magnify a loss or a difficulty.

{To magnify one's self} (Script.), to exhibit pride and
haughtiness; to boast.

{To magnify one's self against} (Script.), to oppose with

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adj : enlarged to an abnormal degree; "thick lenses exaggerated
the size of her eyes" [syn: {exaggerated}, {enlarged}]

v 1: increase in size, volume or significance; "Her terror was
magnified in her mind" [syn: {amplify}]
2: to enlarge beyond bounds or the truth; "tended to
romanticize and exaggerate this `gracious Old South'
imagery" [syn: {overstate}, {exaggerate}, {overdraw}, {hyperbolize},
{hyerbolise}, {amplify}] [ant: {understate}]
3: make large; "blow up an image" [syn: {blow up}, {enlarge}]
[ant: {reduce}]
[also: {magnified}]

See {magnify}

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* Inter: IPA » /ˈmæɡnɪfaɪd/|/ˈmæɡnəfaɪd/


Inter: en-ad » j
  • Having been visually enlarged by the process of magnification.
    1. : The image was magnified by eight times.


      * enlarged



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