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n the mainland// the main area of land that forms a country, as compared to islands near it that are also part of that country// --flights between a Greek island and the mainland// on the mainland// --terrorist attacks both in Northern Ireland and on the mainland// -- mainland adj [only before noun] // --mainland Britain//

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[N] (Land): land, earth, ground, dry land, terra firma, continent, landmass, island, mainland, peninsula, coast, loom of the land.

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[sing.] (the mainland) the main area of land of a country, not including any islands near to it:
a boat to / from the mainland * The Hebrides are to the west of the Scottish mainland.
mainland adjective [only before noun]:
mainland Greece

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Mainland \Main"land`\, n.
The continent; the principal land; -- opposed to {island}, or
{peninsula}. --Dryden.

After the two wayfarers had crossed from the peninsula
to the mainland. --Hawthorne.

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n : the main land mass of a country or continent; as
distinguished from an island or peninsula