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Near \Near\ (n[=e]r), adv. [AS. ne['a]r, compar. of ne['a]h
nigh. See {Nigh}.]
1. At a little distance, in place, time, manner, or degree;
not remote; nigh.

My wife! my traitress! let her not come near me.

2. Nearly; almost; well-nigh. ``Near twenty years ago.''
--Shak. ``Near a fortnight ago.'' --Addison.

Near about the yearly value of the land. --Locke.

3. Closely; intimately. --Shak.

{Far and near}, at a distance and close by; throughout a
whole region.

{To come near to}, to want but little of; to approximate to.
``Such a sum he found would go near to ruin him.''

{Near the wind} (Naut.), close to the wind; closehauled.