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Mystical or transcendent experience reported by people who have been on the threshold of death. The near-death experience varies with each individual, but characteristics frequently include hearing oneself declared dead, feelings of peacefulness, the sense of leaving one's body, the sense of moving through a dark tunnel toward a bright light, a life review, the crossing of a border, and meetings with other spiritual beings, often deceased friends and relatives. Near-death experiences are reported by about one-third of those who come close to death. Cultural and physiological explanations have been offered, but the causes remain uncertain. Typical aftereffects include greater spirituality and decreased fear of death.

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near-death experience
n : the experience of being close to death but surviving

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Alternative forms

* near death experience


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  • A sensation of detachment from one's body, the presence of a tunnel of light, the apparent viewing of one's own body from on high, and similar manifestations, experienced by people whose heart and brain have temporarily ceased to function


    Inter: trans-top » experience by people whose heart and brain have temporarily ceased to function
    • German: Inter: t- » de|Nahtod-Erfahrung, Inter: t+ » de|Nahtoderfahrung, Inter: t- » de|Nahtodeserfahrung, Inter: t- » de|Todesnähe-Erfahrung

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