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[ADJ] (Lack of relation): irrespective, unrelated, arbitrary, independent, unconnected, disconnected, adrift, isolated, insular, extraneous, strange, alien, foreign, outlandish, exotic, not comparable, incommensurable, heterogeneous, unconformable, irrelevant, inapplicable, not pertinent, not to the purpose, impertinent, beside the mark, aside from the purpose, immaterial, beside the purpose, beside the question, beside the point, misplaced, intrusive, remote, far-fetched, out of the way, forced, neither here nor there, quite another thing, detached, segregated, discordant, incidental, parenthetical.

[ADV] (Absence): without, minus, nowhere, elsewhere, neither here nor there, sans.

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Inter: head » en|adjective|head=neither here nor there
  • Inter: idiomati » c Not important; having no significance or influence on the question at hand; not related; not relevant; not germane; not pertinent.
    1. : The fact that pledges willingly submit themselves to hazing is neither here nor there and any organization that engages in hazing will lose its charter.


      * irrelevant, unimportant, unrelated, impertinent


      * relevant, important, related, pertinent


    Inter: trans-top » not relevant
    • Dutch: Inter: t- » nl|niet ter zake doen, Inter: t- » nl|er niks mee te maken hebben, Inter: t+ » nl|irrelevant, Inter: t+ » nl|onbelangrijk

    Inter: trans-mi » d
  • Icelandic: Inter: t- » is|gera hvorki til né frá
  • Russian: не к месту, ни к селу ни к городу

  • Inter: trans-botto » m

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