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Inter: suffix » oomph|less


Inter: en-adj » -
  • Lacking oomph (vitality or sex appeal).
    1. 2000, Georgina Howell, Vogue women (page 152)
    2. : Skeletal, round-shouldered and oomphless, the waif, as photographed by David Sims, Paolo Roversi and art-photographers Nan Goldin and Richard Prince, looked too young, druggy and harmless to wield any power.
    3. 2009, Jared Koch, Alex Van Buren, Clean Plates N.Y.C. (page 125)

  • : Diners will need to sample among the menu: A dry turkey sandwich was a bit lacking, as was an oomphless, rather too-oceanic seaweed salad.
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