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another, else, other

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want of faith

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unbelief, want of faith

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other, another, else(alia)

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Inter: head » ast|adjective form|g=n|g2=s
  • Inter: form of » neuter singular form|otru|lang=ast

  • Spanish


    From Inter: etyl » la|es Inter: term » alterum|lang=la. Compare Portuguese outro and French autre


    Inter: es-adj » f=otra
  • other, another

    Related terms

    * otra vez
    • otro


      otro {{m}} (fem: otra)

  • "Not again!" or "What, again?" (also Otra vez! or Otra vez?)

    Usage notes

    It is a common and potentially embarrassing mistake for students of Spanish to use un otro / una otra for the word "another": Because the Spanish language (unlike, for example, Italian, French, and Portuguese) does not distinguish between the words "other" and "another," otro/otra without article is correct for each. Moreover, otro/otra preceded by a definite or indefinite article refers to an extramarital, usu. long-term lover, i.e., a lover "other" than one's spouse; cf. the archaic/literary English phrase "personal pronoun loves another."

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